World NTD Day 2023


Mectizan Donation Programme


Social Media + YouTube


Awareness & Advocacy


Malawi, Togo


Steve Maud

Local Producer:

Bruno Matumbi

Local Coordinator:

Laston Sitima

Camera Assistant:

Peter Ngwale

Sound and Editing:

Joana Soares

To celebrate the gains made in eliminating neglected tropical diseases on World NTD Day 2023, this film created for Mectizan Donation Program follows the story of Square Makwanda. A former coordinator of the Lymphatic Filariasis program in Malawi, Square managed to start a mass distribution program with very little resources.

Included is a testimony from Professor Monique Dorkenoo, former Lymphatic Filariasis program coordinator for Togo. In her testimony, the doctor highlights the need for a plan and resourcefulness from health coordinators and workers. Together, they tell a powerful story about how one individual can make a difference and inspire the political and community will needed to deliver life-changing medicine where it’s needed most. With over a billion people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases globally, it takes an enormous amount of determination, hard work, and cooperation to eliminate these diseases.

This is an example of a film made in close consultation with our client, with our global network of trusted filmmakers, and using previously-filmed archive material and simple but powerful text to create a powerful message supported by imagery and music.

We’re very proud that this film was the key showcase of achievements made by Mectizan Donation Program on World NTD Day in 2023.

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