Two Children, One Disease




Social Media


Awareness & Advocacy


India, Zanzibar


Steve Maud


Duncan Walsh


Jez Hunziker


Rachael Mclean-Anderson/Helen Button

At different ends of the Earth, albendazole donations by GSK are making a huge difference to young kids and their families.

This film was produced as part of a suite of material gathered on two trips to India and Zanzibar for use as an advocacy tool to support GSK’s donation programme.

Having the children tell us their stories meant we needed to find confident speakers – no easy task in Zanzibar where traditionally young girls can be cripplingly shy. So we used a local fixing company to meet potential contributors, source the best stories and start to weave together a narrative that speaks to the heart, and the parent, in all of us.

Back in the UK we translated interviews, re-scripted and looked to use voiceover artists from the local African and Indian diaspora of London to help tell the story of how albendazole donations by GSK are positively impacting lives across the world. This helped keep the child’s voice at the centre of the narrative whilst avoiding the use of subtitles which can distract from the core action.

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