The Making of an Audiobook


Penguin Random House


Conference Launch + Social Media


Product & Brand Marketing


London, UK


Steve Maud


Courtney Wright


Hannah Evans


Jez Hunziker


Helen Button

What goes into the creation of an audiobook? Is it as simple as finding the right person to read a story, and recording them?

As our team discovered, there’s a lot more to it than meets the ear. Much of the success of an audiobook rests on the skills of the team that work behind the scenes to capture the spirit, tone and emotion of the book that gets transformed into an adventure in sound. To do justice to the medium, our approach was to employ the same magical treatment in order to adapt the form of our film to emulate the immersive sound style of audiobooks.

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, Penguin Random House wanted to showcase the quality of the craft and effort that goes into making an audiobook. The brief was to give the viewer an inside look ‘behind the curtain’ and showcase the production process.

Shown at Penguin’s annual conference that showcases the achievements of its various departments, this film was received so well it was marked as the highlight of the conference by the Penguin’s CEO.

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