Riding for the Disabled COVID Appeal


Riding for the Disabled


Fundraising Gala + Social Media


Awareness & Advocacy



Shooting Director

Steve Maud


Dean McCormick


Bruna Amaral

Client (RDA)

Caroline Bracher

Charlotte could be considered severely disabled, but her life was transformed by horse riding and the therapy it provides. However, during pandemic lockdown, Riding for the Disabled Association had to close all of their riding centres. In the process, the future impact of COVID had more far-reaching implications that we could imagine.

We filmed Charlotte originally for a fundraising gala dinner, and decided to repurpose the edit for more wider and pressing appeal.

Remembering our filming experience with this sweet-natured girl and her un-bounding energy brings a smile to our faces.

Her mother, Helen Seth, said:

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely video that you made of Charlotte for the RDA – it’s really lovely and captures Charlotte so well and really highlights her abilities. You were also really lovely with her during the filming process and we all enjoyed the day.”

We’re happy to share that our film played a role in the raising of £46,683 – and that the RDA has survived and continues to do great work.


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