Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership


Mectizan Donation Programme, Sightsavers


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Life Sciences



Director/Camera Operator

Stephen Maud


Evie Franks


Ajeck Mangut

Camera Assistant

Chinedu Igweneme


William Nsai

This film looks at the power of partnership through the lens of the truly symbiotic relationship that exists between NGOs and the Nigerian government as they strive to eliminate River Blindness.

River blindness is a crippling disease that affects people who live at the margins of society, where they don’t have access to clean water, proper medical care or the preventative treatment Mectizan that is donated by Merck.

The work of non-governmental organisations like Sightsavers is key to helping strengthen national health systems in their response to neglected tropical diseases.

Kate McCoy from Sightsavers said of this film: “It’s absolutely brilliant, the footage is stunning and the partnerships and different players in delivering oncho work come across so well – congrats!”

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