Penguin Publishing Process: The Designer


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It’s always great to get an opportunity to understand the inner workings of a mighty brand.

Our series for Penguin Random House afforded us a rare and exclusive look into the world of one of the greatest names in publishing. Having access to their key team members gave us the deeper understanding of the many moving parts, and it shows in a series that’s racked up some impressive views on their channels.

For this episode in the series, we got up close with the role of the Designer. To see the craft in action and understand how visual storytelling plays a central role in the creation of a book was  really impressive. Diving in, unearthing the story behind the story, and sharing it in a way that brings a brand to life is the kind of brief we love.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but Marianne, a Designer at Penguin Random House, talks us through why you should.

This film was part of our eight-part series with PRH, looking behind the curtain at what it takes to bring a book to life.

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