Stamp Out Onchocerciasis!


Mectizan Donation Programme


Conference Launch


Global Health


Concept Creation + Drone Operation + Editing + Filming + Graphics & Animation + International + Reversioning + Script Writing + Translations & Transcriptions + Voiceover


Cameroon, Nigeria

Executive Producer

Steve Maud

Shooting Producer Director

Lewis Davies

Photographer (local)

William Nsai


Bernard D. Nagmo

Camera Assistant

Alric Davis Ndoko


Bruna Amaral

Client (MDP)

Joni Lawrence

Getting people to stand up and take action is at the core of the Mectizan Donation Programme’s remit. Especially when the intended audience are Ministers of Health in African countries. This is the first of a series of films intended to get key influencers to commit to putting their name to a 30 year-long elimination programme – ridding Africa of River Blindness or onchocerciasis. If we work together we can stamp out oncho!

We used a local fixer to go in search of stories that were set up in advance of our shooting producer director’s arrival. We then worked with a wonderful local photographer and camera assistant to create a more integrated team and integrate more in to remote and challenging settings.

It started off a relationship with Cameroon and Nigeria that continues to this day, adding to the list of the many African countries that we have ties with.

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