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Providing an insight into a solidarity campaign, our Justice4Windrush behind the scenes film is a glimpse of how one of the most important stories we’ve ever told came together.

It started with a phone call from Tara, assistant to Annie Lennox and long-time collaborator. Actor Colin McFarlane was at a funeral for Caribbean-born WW2 Flight Sergeant Peter Brown, and needed a photographer. After Annie read Colin’s article about how his father had had to apply for a special permit to be allowed to land back in the UK after flying sorties for the RAF during the war, she asked how she could help.

From that point on, our collaboration developed into what became the Justice4Windrush campaign. Our big idea was to bring the great and the good together to raise awareness.

As shown in our Justice4Windrush behind the scenes film, they came together from the music industry, theatre, film and the law profession to help get the message out there to as many people as possible. The Windrush scandal has affected so many that we received a wonderful response. And importantly, we were also able to connect with the many people whose lives have been directly and disastrously impacted. This allowed us to get a representative spread of victims of the injustice assembled into one place at one time to share their story.

The end result is our film ‘Why’, which can be viewed here. And, as this was such an important campaign, we also went about capturing the action behind the scenes. Beyond what we were filming, this was a unique moment that brought everyone connected by Windrush together for the first time. As this was the birth of a new community dedicated to changing the status quo, we saw the opportunity to capture the story behind the story.

The Windrush story is not over. The Home Office scandal is not over. The fight for justice continues.

To show your support for Justice4Windrush, sign the open letter at justice4windrush.org

And to read about how the Justice4Windrush campaign came together, read our article ‘Justice4Windrush: How We Did It’, on our News page.

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