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Aiming to raise £5million over the next few years is the most ambitious target ever set by a local authority. But that’s what Hammersmith & Fulham Council in London has embarked on, to create a carbon net zero borough by 2030.

To help the council reach as many people as possible, we were brought on board to create a short film. This film unpacks their Green Investment climate bond initiative, and to provide additional visibility, we offered three impactful social media edits for their various channels.

Keeping it short, sweet and punchy, this is one of the three social clips being rolled out to the council’s audience of local residents and interested parties. By distilling the key messaging down to its salient points and using some eye-catching techniques – and a selection of pacy music that communicates energy and tone – our 30-second edits grab attention whilst delivering a clear call to action.

About the Hammersmith & Fulham Green Investment initiative

This new investment opportunity will allow the local community to fund climate and ecological projects in Hammersmith & Fulham. The green scheme aims to raise up to £5 million over the next few years, and will allow local groups, residents and businesses – as well as external investors – an opportunity to make a direct impact in the community. The funding will enable the borough council to reduce carbon emissions and, and investors to earn a fixed return on their low-risk investment. It’s a win-win-win, and one we’re proud to be involved with.

To find out more about this ambitious project, and how we apply our skills to climate action storytelling, read our article here.


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