FIND Manipur: A Life Turned Around




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India, Manipur


Katia Hérault


Joana Soares

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Joana Soares

Diagnostics are essential when it comes to improving the lives and health of populations. In this film we follow the story of Subash, a young man from Manipur, India whose Hepatitis C diagnosis helped him turn his life around. 

Subash is a beneficiary of CoNE, a program that helps people with addiction get screened for Hepatitis C. Once Hep C is detected, beneficiaries are offered treatment and help to overcome addiction. The success of this program lies in the fact that volunteers and and professionals working in the program are former addicts themselves, and treat all beneficiaries with the respect and humanity they deserve.

FIND works with local organisations in Manipur to provide diagnostics in hard to reach areas of India. The result is a network of health professionals, volunteers, and community members that have access to faster, and easier method of diagnostic and are able to utilise them to improve the general health of hard to reach populations.

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