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Conference Launch + Social Media


Awareness & Advocacy

Graphics & Edit:

Chris Leggat


Hannah Evans


Steve Maud

FIND wanted a call to arms to engage a wide network of stakeholders in their mission to bring equal access to safe and reliable diagnostics around the world. Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the inequalities between the haves and have nots, FIND now plays an important role in enabling diagnostics to be available where they’re needed most. With 50% of the world’s population having challenges when accessing diagnostics, the role of the company is critical to providing rapid and accurate diagnosis where it’s needed most.

With a snappy approach to simple graphics and some punchy music this film was created for the annual American Society For Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) event in Seattle in 2022, at which FIND‘s advancements and partnerships in innovation and implementation were showcased to the global audience of tropical and neglected disease experts. It has now become the opening film on their website.

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