FICO World ’24 Event Promo




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Charlie Parish


Steve Maud, Charlie Parish

Edit Producers:

Steve Maud, Duncan Walsh

Client Partner:

Elliott Starno

While an event might only last a day or two, the experience of the attendees is timeless, providing the best proof of success.

Every year, FICO World brings a wide range of business innovation and data science experts together under one roof. As the media partner of choice for the last 10 years, they turned to us when they wanted to showcase the variety and impact of their technology sessions and seminars, and to explain how it informs and benefits their customers, clients and attendees.

Armed with multiple cameras and thought-provoking Q&As throughout the weeklong event, we collated and pieced together this film for them from FICO World ’23, to advertise for their next event in 2024.

Capturing the insights, the spirit and the milestones of an event is the next logical step towards retaining customers and growing interest in future events.

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