FICO World 2025 Promo




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Producer / Director:

Joana Soares

Line Producer:

Charlie Parish

Steadicam Operator:

Sean Murphy & Brendan Kragel

2nd Camera:

Charlie Parish

SFX Editor:

Noah Balcombe

One of the key pieces of content we create for FICO’s annual global event is a FICO World promo for the following year.

Consisting of highlights from the current event (edited on site), the promo showcases the variety and impact of FICO’s technology sessions and seminars in a very short edit that packs a punch. It’s usually the last piece of content attendees watch and a lot rides on its impact – more of that later…

This year we wanted to do something different with the FICO World promo that drew on our creative thinking and was more than just a summary of the event. But that meant planning well in advance so that the edit could be storyboarded and discussed with the client to get their approval – and often get them excited too. Happy clients tend to become more collaborative after all.

Designed to connect all the touch points of the event for viewers, we achieved this by showcasing a customer’s journey. From registration to main stage, to technology sessions and through to the big event parties, the promo used creative transitions to get from one place to the next. Less is often more – and this means every second of the edit has to justify itself.

The promo not only completes the event on a high note, but has a commercial value too. Over the longer term, the promo will continue to provide additional value from being shared out on social media channels, enabling FICO to prolong awareness and engagement. It will also include a registration code for next year’s event whereby early bird registration will provide a discount and help our client forecast attendee numbers for next year. That’s a great way of getting a return on investment!

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