FICO World 2024 Event Opener




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San Diego, USA


Steve Maud

Executive Producer:

Duncan Walsh


Charlie Parish


Misha Vertkin

As the film partner for each year’s FICO World – the world’s leading data science and decisioning event – one of our many deliverables is the creation of the event opener. It’s this film that sets the theme, tone and spirit of the event at the start of a busy week.

As a London-based film production company, it was a real feather in our cap when we were brought on board for the first time as film partner at FICO World in San Diego in 2014. Applying our skills at the world’s largest gathering of data analytics and business decisioning experts offered us an opportunity to spread our wings in a host of new ways.

This year was the biggest FICO World yet for us, with a team of 17 crew on the ground for an action-packed week delivering a wide range of assets, including the event opener.

This film, along with ‘The Age Of Applied Intelligence‘ and ‘Be An Intelligence Hero‘, marks the conclusion of a three-year narrative arc for the event opener, which frames attendees as financial empowerment heroes, whose work using the FICO Platform has the potential to revolutionise how consumers are able to access credit. Using this uniting theme in the event opener film has been of great benefit to the client, as it shines a light on the work their customers do whilst highlighting the innovation that drives FICO‘s decisioning software.

This year also marks our 10th anniversary as the nominated film partner to FICO’s flagship event, with this year seeing us return to San Diego, where our role in the event all began for us back in 2014!

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