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FICO wanted to create a series of films that provide valuable insights to their clients and community while working safely, on a lower budget, and maintaining the same production standards reflected in the films we have produced for them before. To achieve this, we used to record high quality remote interviews and created a suite of films using engaging graphics to tie all the films together.

 As FICO’s community website producer, Elle Lasher, explains:

We wanted to create a video series that provided a much more intimate view of what happens behind the scenes at FICO. FICO technology has always been best in class but the idea was to flip the traditional top-down communication culture and introduce employee-led conversations. 

By giving a voice to our behind the scenes experts and data scientists, we are able to connect directly with our clients who need it most. The Decision Hero Community Chats provide an updated video standard to publish casual yet meaningful content more frequently, resulting in shorter lead times for valuable insights.

The Community Chats have been well received with strong viewership and the Community is planning to integrate this conversational format as an ongoing series in 2022.

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