BA Flying Start Rio: Bruna’s Story


British Airways, Comic Relief


Inflight Film + YouTube


Corporate Sustainability



Executive Producer (Comic Relief):

Chris Wilson

Shooting Producer:

Steve Maud


Manuela Zaramillo

Production Manager:

Helen Button

Bruna’s Story is an exercise in how to show the colour in a grim reality. For this secondary film to the main British Airways Flying Start shown in-flight, we spent two days following one of the main characters in the lead film, Bruna, in her life around the favelas and in her project where she could enjoy her love of ballet.

With a bespoke camera rig, and by using our fluent Portuguese to conduct interviews and get closer to the subject, we worked with a local fixer to give us access and a chance to forge meaningful relationships. We opted for the personal narrative rather than a project overview to give context to the impact it has on these vulnerable children’s’ lives.

With our main Flying Start film reaching over 148,000 hits on YouTube, we’re very happy that Bruna’s story has helped promote the caring, humane side of British Airways.

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