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The third of our 6 case studies for Blood Cancer UK, in which we meet Louise who is in remission from Hodgkin lymphoma. Louise underwent 20 months of treatment including a bone marrow transplant and chemo – but had her diagnosis not been delayed, she may have received the appropriate treatment sooner. This is why Louise advocates for prompt diagnosis.

Through the poignant and intimate stories of the people we met, our films reveal how the lack of awareness about blood cancer* has a devastating impact on those it affects and their loved ones, and how they advocate for urgent action.

The films form the core content of a campaign to increase awareness of blood cancer signs and symptoms and its impact, to help improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease, and help everyone with blood cancer feel connected and heard.

The series is being shown on Blood Cancer UK’s social media channels over the period of World Blood Cancer Day, which happens every year on May 28th.

*Little-known fact: 31% of people with blood cancer have to visit to their GP three or more times before being diagnosed. Louise’s delayed diagnosis led to complications with her treatment, and she’s not the only one.

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