A Dream Factory In India




Company Website + Conference Launch + Internal Comms




India, London, USA

Executive Producer:

Duncan Walsh


Charlie Parish


Charlie Parish


Edward Clem

The power of FICO’s technology to transform enterprises worldwide rests on the skill of its world-class innovators.

With over one-third of their workforce found at FICO’s ‘dream factory’ in Bangalore, our film showcases the diversity in their team of 1,200 employees. By showing this workplace diversity in our film, we shine a light on how a sector often associated with strong male leaders is strengthened.

This is a great example of how we use our global network of local crew to applying our skills in remote production management and directing. With the production taking place in three locations and involving the co-ordination of a wide range of contributors, it was all about getting all the moving parts to work together smoothly.

Using our experience with C-suite contributors, we were able to create a celebratory film that showcases a large company’s commitment and faith in their staff in a particular part of the world. The film was shown at their Platform launch event in India earlier this month and put a spotlight on how the talent and innovation of FICO’s workforce play a pivotal role in the success of the company.

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