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Nasarawa State: Beyond Elimination

The successful elimination of river blindness is in safe hands in Nasawara State, Nigeria.

Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership

The symbiotic relationship between NGOs and the Nigerian government bears fruit in the fight to eliminate River Blindness.

Leadership Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Sightsavers' success stories in the fight against neglected tropical diseases from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Celebrating The Billionth Treatment for River Blindness

Sightsavers delivers the one billionth treatment for River Blindness, a parasite-borne condition that leads to severe disability and the destruction of entire communities

The Most Remote Corner of the Earth

With footage captured on a chest-mount GoPro, this trip across Africa focused on leadership in the fight against neglected tropical diseases.

Remote African Eye Surgery

Charles and his remote eye surgery team (supported by Sightsavers and UTCNTD) find people with trachoma and transport them to the mobile eye surgery for treatment.