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Mectizan Donation Program: Total Coverage

In this, the 3rd film of the 5-part series, we highlight the role of Community Drug Distributors in distributing Mectizan.

World NTD Day 2023

35 years in the game of eliminating neglected tropical diseases: cause to celebrate on World NTD Day 2023.

FIND At A Glance

A showcase of the innovations and partnerships that make FIND a global leader in diagnostics.

As much as needed, as long as needed

A look at 35 years' work by the Mectizan Donation Program to eliminate one of the most robust diseases known to mankind.

Eradication: The Endgame

Part of a web series looking at lessons learnt from previous eradication attempts.

ALMA Rwanda: Integrated Scorecard

Based on success in Rwanda, ALMA are encouraging decision makers elsewhere to adopt the integrated health scorecard.