Insulin 100 Years On: Leaving No One Behind

A short film about the global diabetes crisis and how NGOs are tackling endemic insulin shortages.

Client: HAI


FICO – Customer Development

The story of digital transformation and FICO's global bigger picture, told through the personal perspective of those who make it happen.

Client: FICO


Nasarawa State: Elimination and Beyond

The successful elimination of river blindness is in the hands of people like Jacob, State Coordinator for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nasawara, Nigeria

Client: Mectizan Donation Programme


Costa Foundation: Champion Stories

A film about how the Costa Foundation is giving back to the communities that grow our coffee beans.

Client: Costa Foundation


Diagnosis At Your Fingertips.

Transforming schistosomiasis detection with a rapid test that will transform diagnosis in low-income countries.

Client: FIND


World Courier – Delivering Against the Odds

When the world stopped because of COVID-19, World Courier had to keep going.

Client: World Courier