The Big Walk: Man V Horse

One of a series of Big Walk events hosted by The Eden Project’s Eden Communities initiative.

We love films that give us a chance to really capture good things going on and try and drive changed as a result.

This was shot in the Llanwyrtyd Wells area of Wales, where Big Walk supporters took part in a slightly unusual race. Instead of competing against each other, the competitors in this race would be (as the event is titled) Man V Horse. Though just a bit of fun for the runners and riders, for the town it’s a vital occasion on which much-needed funding is raised by the over 1000 attendants that participate.

This film is part of a wider series of daily updates in which we followed walkers from London, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, journeying with them as they connected with local projects and communities along the way to shine a light on the amazing works people are undertaking around our country. The full team involved shooting with a director, on-site editor, producer, photographer, PR and a daily social media push to drum up interest and grow audiences in this important project, as part of Eden communities’ wider projects that still run today.

Sponsorship from Renault.