W1N as one

It’s amazing what can be done with a zoom link and some good producing these days. Working with Nat Low our resident in-house producer, we captured the winning spirit that drives FICO’s salesforce, to be shown at an all-staff event.

Compassion in finance

In a world where people see debt spiralling out of control, this company is helping financial institutions offer their end-users the very best service, to lift them out of poverty.

Travelling out to Ed’s ranch and then to his offices in Fairfax Virginia, we got a great insight in to what makes his leadership style so unique and yet appropriate for the type of service C&R offer. It was a great chance to get under the skin of what really makes Ed tick.

FICO World 2022: Daily Summary film

This is one of three daily summary films, all shot and edited in a day to be shown on the a big screen the next morning. It captures the genuine energy and positivity of delegates from around the world, after three days of breaking free from the pandemic, making face to face contact with Zoom-colleagues and looking towards the future.

We’re very proud of our partnership with FICO and the potential they have to change the future landscape of finance, using #appliedintelligence to create a fairer world.

Customer Development

As traditional banks struggle to keep up with digital transformation and the fintech incumbents that offer a faster, more personalised service that we’ve all grown used to, FICO needed a film to set the stall for their comprehensive platform that helps banks retain customers for the journey.

Filmed and directed with crews working remotely in San Diego, Sweden and London we told the story from a personal perspective that sets the bigger picture in a real-world context.

“I’ve been watching this video several times because it makes me really happy. I’m so proud of how it turned out and appreciate the collaboration and partnership with Cloud9” said Helen Yang of FICO.

FICO Fraud & Financial Crime Portfolio

For over 25 years, Fintech company FICO has created products that detect and prevent fraud for its client’s customers. FICO came to us to commission a film that explains how they achieve this whilst delivering consumer experiences that are convenient and secure. This particular film uses graphics animation to show, in a simple way, some of the complex processes at play.

FICO Fireside: Behind the Scenes

With COVID-19 and social distancing, trying to film a fireside chat sounds like an impossible task. But when FICO came to us wanting to recreate the look and feel over a cosy two way chat via Zoom, we knew this was a challenge we could step to.

In collaboration with an agency in the US, we organised two remote shoots to happen simultaneously, one in San Diego and Michigan, all directed from our office here in London.

The Homeserve Way: Company DNA

Cloud9Media, working in collaboration with Vivacity, were commissioned by global home assistance company HomeServe to create a set of video assets that became the backbone of a leadership inspiration event held at the ExCeL London in August 2018.

In the first of two films commissioned as their trusted media partner, we laid bare the DNA of the company and brought to life the core leadership skills that HomeServe was founded on. Maximising on a single filming opportunity working with a dedicated and very caring film crew to get a range of assets that really brought their conference to life by capturing what makes them so unique.

Instabooth: A Penny for Your Thoughts

We recently got back from the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach where FICO were hosting their annual conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and business responses to this new changing landscape. This gave us a perfect opportunity to road-test the InstaBooth, our latest innovation in how to engage through video and just one part of a whole package of video content we offered.

The InstaBooth carries the ethos of capturing thoughts on film, asking delegates passing by to take a moment to sit in a comfortable chair and relax, away from the busyness of this buzzing conference. It’s a simple pop-up tent setup equipped with a camera, ring-light and microphone.

Graduate Recruitment – US

As part of a suite of films to draw in the right type of candidate, FICO requested a day-in-the-life film to give candidates an idea of what it’s like to work in this highly pressurised and exciting environment.

Getting an insight into the day to day workings of a company is the best indicator of whether a candidate is going to sink or swim. Working on real time problems that could affect millions of people can put a lot of pressure on a young graduate so FICO wanted to convey both the challenges and the support system in place to help people flourish. To capture all of this Cloud9Media went undercover at their offices to show just what it’s like to work at FICO.

Recruitment Flagship Film

In the new tech world, the recruitment market is incredibly saturated, especially in Silicon Valley where companies like Google, Facebook and Uber are fighting to get the best talent. Drawing in the right candidate for a job is difficult, and so FICO commissioned a suite of films from us to do just that.

FICO were particularly interested in a film that spoke directly to the young tech market, so rather than just showing the polished corporate face of the company, FICO felt confident enough to say – here are our people and this is what they love. We spent four days behind the scenes of the company, a dynamic team working out of their San Jose office, to see what really goes on under the hood.