IF We Did Weddings…

…this is what it would look like.

Not that we do – this was a one-off for an old colleague at Comic Relief – but we’re always driven by the human drama in life, whatever shape that takes.

From gorgeous drone shots of the venue, to the table settings, the primping and the preening – and on to keeping mascara dry whilst emotions run high – this was a wedding that offered a tableau of beautiful moments.

Birmingham Walk Of Light

Working with Blood Cancer UK, we covered their large-scale Walk of Light event in Birmingham, which raises awareness about blood cancer by bringing together individuals, groups and families with shared values and experiences with the disease.

Taking place at night with supplied lanterns and many others decorated in lights of every colour, the gathered walkers made their way around Cannon Hill Park. The result was a great show of support and literally shone a light on a disease that will affect one in 16 men and in 22 women at some point in their lives.

With two camera operators and a drone, we saw the event through from start to finish.

The Nine Lakes Challenge

As part of our longstanding relationship with the BBC, we were brought on board to cover the legendary Nine Lakes Challenge. Taking place in one of the UK’s most beautiful regions – the Lake District – participants face a gruelling 38km bike ride, followed by a 12km hike around the nine lakes, all in 9 hours.

We filmed this single-day challenge in the Lake District as 60 Business Friends raised £100,000 for a good cause: BBC Children in Need.

From tech conferences to marathons and beyond, our event coverage services capture the story, and the action.

Raising Awareness: 6 Reasons Why

As part of Blood Cancer UK‘s campaign, we travelled the country to film the stories of 6 prominent individuals. All of them, in their own way, are involved in raising the profile of a disease that affects 1 in every 16 men and one in every 22 women. Each of our interviewees provided their very personal reasons for why raising awareness is more crucial than ever before, by framing their reason with “Because…”

These interviews form the core of a campaign that kicked off on World Blood Cancer Day on 28th May. The purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness of signs and symptoms, help improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease, and help everyone with blood cancer feel connected and heard.

As a result of this campaign, the profile of blood cancer was raised at the highest level, with MP’s taking up the cause and sharing information on social media.

Raising Awareness: Prof. Michelle West

Michelle West, Professor of Tumour Virology at University of Sussex has unique insights into the low profile and splintered perception of blood cancer.

Our series of interviews form the core of a campaign to increase awareness of signs and symptoms and the disease’s impact, to help improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease, and help those affected feel connected and heard.

The series is featured on Blood Cancer UK’s website and was shared on the organisation’s social media channels over the period of World Blood Cancer Day, which happens every year on May 28th.



Deluxe Coffeeworks London

Capturing the unique spirit of a vibrant local independent business in a short film of 1 minute is no mean feat – but with this film for Deluxe Coffeeworks London, we think we nailed it.

Providing Londoners with a warm welcome and superb daily-roasted coffee, Deluxe Coffeeworks are a South African coffee shop group who opened up a London shop and roastery in 2022.

Being newcomers to the London coffee scene, the business was looking to communicate the uncompromising quality of the coffee and the chilled open vibe, so iconic of Cape Town. The film is the result of our team’s tour of the roastery, and in depth interviews with the founders, and some of their customers.

Created for social media, this is an example of how our approach to film production combines truth and magic to create an impactful profile piece that captures the spirit and ethos of a brand. By capturing the character of the team that have built this fresh brand’s profile in the London area, we were able to craft a snapshot that communicates the spirit and energy of what we consider London’s best coffeeshop and roastery.


Raising Awareness: Louise’s Story

The third of our 6 case studies for Blood Cancer UK, in which we meet Louise who is in remission from Hodgkin lymphoma. Louise underwent 20 months of treatment including a bone marrow transplant and chemo – but had her diagnosis not been delayed, she may have received the appropriate treatment sooner. This is why Louise advocates for prompt diagnosis.

Through the poignant and intimate stories of the people we met, our films reveal how the lack of awareness about blood cancer* has a devastating impact on those it affects and their loved ones, and how they advocate for urgent action.

The films form the core content of a campaign to increase awareness of blood cancer signs and symptoms and its impact, to help improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease, and help everyone with blood cancer feel connected and heard.

The series is being shown on Blood Cancer UK’s social media channels over the period of World Blood Cancer Day, which happens every year on May 28th.

*Little-known fact: 31% of people with blood cancer have to visit to their GP three or more times before being diagnosed. Louise’s delayed diagnosis led to complications with her treatment, and she’s not the only one.

Biodiversity: Levelling The Playing Field

Biodiversity and access & benefit sharing expert Bupe Mwambingu from Basecamp Research reached out just a few days before flying to the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15).

As a purpose-driven organisation in service of a thriving future for our planet, we jumped on the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity and better understand one of COP’s hottest issues.

With no brief but a fascinating interview, we decided to apply our formula of truth & magic to building a short story from Bupe’s best soundbites and relevant b-roll footage, plus some well-chosen music, to make it relatable and increase its emotional power.

These are the stories the world needs to hear now – and we’re here to tell them.

A Romp Through Decades of The Office

In 2018, Marriott International went into a huge renovation of their Fetter Lane office. To engage associates around this hugely exciting development in the company’s story, Marriott’s communication team tasked us with creating a light-hearted teaser.

We wrote a poem, worked with a celebrity Voice Over artist and plundered the archives to create this punchy piece that’s a romp through the decades of office life.

The Big Walk: Windmill Hill City Farm

One of a series of Big Walk events hosted by The Eden Project’s Eden Communities initiative.

We love films that give us a chance to really capture good things going on and try and drive change as a result.

This film is part of a wider series of daily updates in which we followed walkers from London, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, journeying with them as they connected with local projects and communities along the way to shine a light on the amazing works / heart that people are undertaking around our country. The full team involved a shooting director, on-site editor, producer, photographer, PR and a daily social media push to drum up interest and grow audiences in this important project, as part of Eden communities’ wider projects that still run today.

In this film, our crew worked alongside zero 30 Media to capture the community spirit found at Windmill Hill City Farm in the Bristol area. As a site which was saved from being developed into a high-security lorry park 40 years ago through the efforts of the local community, a previously derelict area has been transformed into a green space.

Now a well-established local attraction, Windmill Hill City Farm offers free access to all and provides kids and families with a valuable space for the community to enjoy a natural environment and interact with farm animals.

Sponsorship from Renault.