Breaking the Bias

When we create films, we always strive to humanise the story, by getting to the heart of the matter – and in this case, there was a very compelling backstory that deserved to be told.

Launched in the 1960s, the introduction of FICO’s credit scoring was a game changer that helped level the playing field for women when it came to accessing loans for homes and cars. This was a fascinating journey into how the company was instrumental in breaking the bias of the past, and a powerful and inspiring message to capture on film. Films that deal with addressing fairness strike a particular chord for us given it plays a pivotal role in our company ethos.


FICO Graduate Recruitment (US)

As part of a suite of films to draw in the right type of candidate, FICO requested a day-in-the-life film to give graduate recruitment candidates an idea of what it’s like to work in this highly pressurised and exciting environment.

Getting an insight into the day to day workings of a company is the best indicator of whether a candidate is going to sink or swim. Working on real time problems that could affect millions of people can put a lot of pressure on a young graduate so FICO wanted to convey both the challenges and the support system in place to help people flourish. To capture all of this, we went undercover at their offices to show just what it’s like to work at FICO.