Mectizan Donation Programme Social Series – Part 1

To support Mectizan Donation Programme’s Stamp Out Oncho campaign, and to compliment the longer films we have already produced for them, MDP commissioned a series of short social media clips. The intention behind them was to summarise different aspects of the Stamp Out Oncho story in bite-size films that could be easily distributed.

Using previously-shot footage, text graphics, and animations, we repurposed the content we had already created for them and breathed new life into this campaign.

Insulin 100 Years On: Leaving no one behind


A short film about a global public health crisis.

When insulin was first discovered in 1921, it turned the diagnosis of diabetes from a death sentence into a manageable condition.

However, too many people living in developing countries find it increasingly difficult to access this life-saving treatment.

The commodification of an ever-growing market of people living with diabetes, combined with the inaction of governments, has led to a global health crisis. Not only do patients have to travel for hours to reach insulin, but inflated prices have forced many to ration their supplies in order to afford the drug at all.

With the help of NGOs, developing countries have been able to educate their populations, train their doctors and build public health strategies to improve access to insulin.

Only with global and national systems in place to tackle the problems of insulin availability and affordability can the world hope to bring this public health crisis under control.

This film was made with a diverse range of contributions, including the work of local film crews in Mali, Peru, Mozambique, Geneva and Amsterdam. Cloud9Media Creative Director Steve Maud’s personal experience of living with Type 1 diabetes, as well as the company’s extensive work in the field of global health, has given the production of this film a well-informed and personal insight into the global diabetes crisis.

See more on the World Health Assembly Resolution on diabetes.

FICO Voices: Suveer

One in a series of short films that gives voice to some of FICO’s customers as they talk about their lives and the difference FICO software has made to them.

We filmed this over a day under tough covid-constrained circumstances in South Africa, opting for green screen to give us the flexibility to control the look afterwards and give everyone involved the greatest chance to socially distance and remain safe.

Here we hear the story of Suveer, CEO at BluNOVA. He has a deep commitment to understanding the customer base in Africa and turning the continent into innovators, rather than consumers of technology, something that is facilitated by the pioneering software and expertise in AI that FICO provides.

Neglected Tropical Diseases Showcase

Cloud9Media have been working within global health for more than a decade. This showcase brings together dozens of films that raise awareness for NTDs from projects spanning the globe.

Nasarawa State: Elimination and Beyond

This film looks at the success in overcoming a crippling disease that has besieged Nigeria, and large parts of Africa for decades. Onchocerciasis, commonly known as river blindness causes unbearable itching and ultimately blindness to the point where river-side communities were abandoned. Thanks to the dedication of people like Nasarawa State Coordinator for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Jacob Righain, the support of NGO partners The Carter Center and donation of the treating drug Mectizan by Merck & Co., local communities have been empowered to break the transmission of river blindness and create a platform for future disease interventions.

Filming just before the COVID-19 kicked in, we worked with a talented Nigerian crew to get right to the heart of the story. We edited back in the UK and created a bespoke soundtrack to help transport the viewer deeper in to the world of neglected tropical diseases.

It forms part of a wider suite of films used in different ways that have told the MDP story over the years, collaborating with multiple global partners from the Nigerian Ministry of Health and local government, to Sightsavers, the Carter Center and other key players in the game to get full engagement from the offset.

Oncho and LF Elimination Roadmap

Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership

River blindness is a crippling disease that affects people who live at the margins of society, where they don’t have access to clean water, proper medical care or the preventative treatment Mectizan that is donated by Merck.

The work of non-governmental organisations like Sightsavers is key to helping strengthen national health systems in their response to neglected tropical diseases.

This film looks at the power of a truly symbiotic relationship between NGO and State as the strive to eliminate River Blindness from Nigeria.

Kate McCoy from Sightsavers said of this film: “It’s absolutely brilliant, the footage is stunning and the partnerships and different players in delivering oncho work come across so well – congrats!”

Playhood: A Montessori Nursery School

Filmed during lockdown in two sittings (not too far apart before the kids grow) we made this film to capture a brilliant new concept, combining a top-class Montessori nursery with a professional workspace all in one – allowing parents and children to bring their whole selves to work. We all need a chance to develop as rounded people whether we’re kids or adults!

Staying Sane While Working From Home

Working from home has become the norm this year as we all work to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. However, not going into the office and staying in the same space all day can have a serious effect on our mental health.

Han has some tips on how to work better and stay happy while working from home.

Filming From Home

We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days (for some of us, all of our time), but we still need to be able to produce content. Sure, your laptop camera in a dimly lit room might do the trick in a pinch, but if you want to know how to make your films look snazzy from your living room, Cloud9 has your back.