Putting People In The Spotlight

For stories to feel authentic, compelling and relatable, our approach is always to let people speak their truth. In the process, we unearth the human interest.

This is why, for the last 15 years, we’ve honed our interviewing and storytelling expertise to put people in the picture.

Whether it’s the inspiring leaders at the top, passionate pioneers, or unsung heroes, we strive to create a space where people feel comfortable enough to speak straight from the heart. To show the human side of an organisation, we put its people in the spotlight, because employees, customers and beneficiaries make for the most convincing brand ambassadors.

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Justice4Windrush: Behind The Scenes

The Justice4Windrush story is one of the most important we’ve ever told.

It started with a phone call from Tara, assistant to Annie Lennox and long-time collaborator. Actor Colin McFarlane was at a funeral for Caribbean-born WW2 Flight Sergeant Peter Brown, and needed a photographer. After Annie read Colin’s article about how his father had had to apply for a special permit to be allowed to land back in the UK after flying sorties for the RAF during the war, she asked how she could help.

From that point on, our collaboration developed into what became the Justice4Windrush campaign. Our big idea was to bring the great and the good together to raise awareness.

They came together from the music industry, theatre, film and the law profession to help get the message out there to as many people as possible. The Windrush scandal has affected so many that we received a wonderful response. And importantly, we were also able to connect with the many people whose lives have been directly and disastrously impacted. This allowed us to get a representative spread of victims of the injustice assembled into one place at one time to share their story.

The end result is our film ‘Why’, which can be viewed here. And, as this was such an important campaign, we also went about capturing the action behind the scenes. Beyond what we were filming, this was a unique moment that brought everyone connected by Windrush together for the first time. As this was the birth of a new community dedicated to changing the status quo, we saw the opportunity to capture the story behind the story.

The Windrush story is not over. The Home Office scandal is not over. The fight for justice continues.

To show your support for Justice4Windrush, sign the open letter at justice4windrush.org

And to read about how the Justice4Windrush campaign came together, read our article ‘Justice4Windrush: How We Did It’, on our News page.

Justice4Windrush: Trailer

Bringing people together to raise awareness around the injustice experienced by victims of the Windrush Scandal has been a deeply moving project, and one close to our hearts.

What began as a conversation between our MD, Steve Maud, actor Colin MacFarlane and long-time collaborator Annie Lennox became Justice4Windrush – a campaign whose time had come.

Our idea was to bring the great and the good from the music industry, theatre, film and the law profession together, to get the message out there to as many people as possible.

The Windrush scandal has affected so many that we received a wonderful response – and importantly, we were also able to connect with the many people whose lives have been directly, and disastrously, impacted. This allowed us to get a representative spread of victims of the injustice assembled into one place at one time, to share their story.

Thanks go out to all who’ve supported and contributed to telling this important story.

Justice4Windrush Film: ‘Why’

Creating this Justice4Windrush film has been an amazing journey for us. It’s also a testament to the power of film.

In 2012 the UK government introduced the Hostile Environment policy that saw over 16,700 British citizens from the Caribbean who arrived during the Windrush era mis-classified as illegal immigrants. The fallout was huge and continues today – affecting not just the original immigrants, but also their descendants who have only ever known life in this country.

Our Justice4Windrush film started as a discussion between our MD, Steve Maud, actor Colin McFarlane, and Annie Lennox. From there, it grew to become a fully-fledged campaign concept brought together through film. We put the call out to celebrities and the Windrush community, bringing them all together for the first time in a show of solidarity designed to raise awareness and hold the UK government to account for the injustice experienced by victims of the Home Office’s Hostile Environment Policy.

The result is our film, which has gathered support from a list of contributors that includes some of the most prominent figures in music, theatre and the legal profession, in addition to Windrush activists who have long called for redress. Beyond this high-profile list of contributors, our film also saw us bring some of the most talented filmmakers in the UK get on board to add their skills.

Among the prominent voices brought together are Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Former Police SI Leroy Logan MBE, stars of film and screen such as Hannah Waddingham, Adrian Lester, Danny Sapani, Eddie Marsan and Jay Blades MBE, and a long list of musical icons such as Leee John, Jazmine Flowers, Don Letts, AJ Tracey, Hak Baker, Mega and Cashh, as well as many others.

In giving these stories the platform they deserve, this historic campaign shows how our films can bring people together, bridge divides and level the playing field.

Our Justice4Windrush film may be out there now, but the story is not over: the fight for justice continues.

To get a glimpse of how this film came together behind the scenes, watch our BTS film here.

Cloud9Media: The Journey

In this fast-evolving world of digital, geo-political and environmental change, there’s never been a greater need to align ourselves, make better use our resources, and make changes in our lives for the most positive outcome for people, purpose and planet.

Our belief is that through the power of film and the creative experience, we can bring people together, find meaning, and shine a light forward so that we can be better at what we do, as individuals, and as a society.

By sharing common experiences, shared feelings and best practices through authentic storytelling, we can help each other toward a brighter future.

We’re here for the journey – and we invite you to join us.


A Dream Factory In India

The power of FICO’s technology to transform enterprises worldwide rests on the skill of its world-class innovators.

With over one-third of their workforce found at FICO’s ‘dream factory’ in Bangalore, our film showcases the diversity in their team of 1,200 employees. By showing this workplace diversity in our film, we shine a light on how a sector often associated with strong male leaders is strengthened.

This is a great example of how we use our global network of local crew to applying our skills in remote production management and directing. With the production taking place in three locations and involving the co-ordination of a wide range of contributors, it was all about getting all the moving parts to work together smoothly.

Using our experience with C-suite contributors, we were able to create a celebratory film that showcases a large company’s commitment and faith in their staff in a particular part of the world. The film was shown at their Platform launch event in India earlier this month and put a spotlight on how the talent and innovation of FICO’s workforce play a pivotal role in the success of the company.

Hammersmith & Fulham: Investing In Climate Resilience

Hammersmith & Fulham Council in London has the ambitious target of creating a carbon net zero borough by 2030 by enabling the local community to take climate action together.

When they asked us to help them gather support for their ‘climate bond’ project – their new financial initiative – we stepped up with enthusiasm. This is a project close to our hearts: it aligns with our values and beliefs about the planet, and many of our team members live in the borough.

This new investment opportunity allows the local community to fund climate and ecological projects in Hammersmith & Fulham. By aiming to raise up to £5 million over the next few years, this is the most ambitious target ever set by a local authority. It will allow local groups, residents and businesses – as well as external investors – an opportunity to make a direct impact in their community, help the borough council reduce carbon emissions and, all the while, earn a fixed return on their low-risk investment. It’s a win-win-win, and one we’re proud to be involved with.

To show our commitment to the cause, we endeavoured to track and reduce our emissions at each stage of the production, using the Ad Green Calculator.

Through our efforts of travelling by bike, using an e-cargo bike for travelling shots, eating veggie meals on set, and powering our office with certified renewable energy, our footprint amounted to 0.018t CO2e … a fraction of the industry average!

As of 7th February, the first round of funding for the Green Investment fund closed ahead of schedule, as it reached its target of raising £1million for green infrastructure projects. Congrats to all at the Council – we’re thrilled that such a great initiative has generated so much interest, and that our film has played a central role in helping raise awareness, and funding.

Our films now play a key role in the commencement of the second round of funding, which kicked off on March 4th.

Mectizan Donation Program: Total Coverage

This film is part of a larger series we produced for the Mectizan Donation Program in which we detail the full history and journey of Mectizan pills. From the initiation of testing Ivermectin as a treatment for Onchocerciasis and on to the rollout of its distribution across the world, the series shares the success of a simple yet effective way to bring life-changing results to many millions of people worldwide.

In this, the 3rd film of the 5-part series, we highlight the pivotal role of Community-Directed Distributors. These volunteers ensure that members of their communities have constant access to treatment for Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis, and reach some of the most remote parts of their countries in order to ensure these diseases can be eliminated.

We treated this particular episode like an action film, where CDDs are our hero. With fast and engaging montages we wanted to make sure the viewer is as impressed with these volunteers work as we are.

Birmingham Walk Of Light

Working with Blood Cancer UK, we covered their large-scale Walk of Light event in Birmingham, which raises awareness about blood cancer by bringing together individuals, groups and families with shared values and experiences with the disease.

Taking place at night with supplied lanterns and many others decorated in lights of every colour, the gathered walkers made their way around Cannon Hill Park. The result was a great show of support and literally shone a light on a disease that will affect one in 16 men and in 22 women at some point in their lives.

With two camera operators and a drone, we saw the event through from start to finish.

Raising Awareness: 6 Reasons Why

As part of Blood Cancer UK‘s campaign, we travelled the country to film the stories of 6 prominent individuals. All of them, in their own way, are involved in raising the profile of a disease that affects 1 in every 16 men and one in every 22 women. Each of our interviewees provided their very personal reasons for why raising awareness is more crucial than ever before, by framing their reason with “Because…”

These interviews form the core of a campaign that kicked off on World Blood Cancer Day on 28th May. The purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness of signs and symptoms, help improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease, and help everyone with blood cancer feel connected and heard.

As a result of this campaign, the profile of blood cancer was raised at the highest level, with MP’s taking up the cause and sharing information on social media.