World Courier: A driver’s story

World Courier specialise in delivering time-critical medical supplies around the world that can’t afford to be late.

The company wanted to capture the unique personality-types that work well in their organisation, so we spent time with Paul who showed us what life is like when you’re got a consignment in the back of your van that can mean the difference between life and death.

Driven by Purpose

As more organisations are realising these days, it’s not so much what we do as why we do it. This film looks at the sense of purpose that drives the staff of biopharma logistics company World Courier, every day.

Using a device called EyeDirect that allows interviewees to look directly at camera while seeing the reflection of the interviewer in the lens, we made sure everything was set to get the most heart-felt comments on what was clearly an important issue for all staff at this global company.

One Team, One Dream in Lithuania

By capturing culture and personalities, a candid day-in-the-life film like ‘One Team, One Dream’ is used to help prospective candidates decide if it’s the right place for them. And help companies like World Courier recruit the right people with the right mindset to carry out this high-risk and high-reward work.

We spent two days getting down and personal with this unique team that is on the verge of mass expansion. And it’s surprising how much employees love talking about their passion for their jobs – when they’re in the right job.