SINE Digital Brand Film: Passion For Creativity

Our SINE Digital brand film was filmed in one week from inquiry to delivery, this high-energy brand film was designed to capture the vibrant staff and spirit of creative industry marketing agency.

With brand films that have a high volume of staff playing a part, we can start to find the common denominators and get a real picture of a business based on its employees. The result is genuine advocacy for the brand itself, and the ethos that drives it. They say there’s no better advertising than happy customers, and the same applies to companies: there’s no greater advocate than your own people.

Tuesday we got the call from SINE Digital for a brand film, Wednesday we dropped by for a recce to meet the team, scope out good filming spots and get a sense of the company. With a quick script and brief created there and then with the client, we got our in-house team to prep the kit for filming the next day.

Co-ordinating our day to capture some key team moments that could speak about the true dynamics behind the business, we set up an interview area upstairs. This gave everyone the same platform to speak from the heart, and helped reduce setup times. We then had a second camera operator downstairs capturing key moments of the business day using a range of camera setups.

Finally we dived into a mammoth edit, transcribing 25 interviews, selecting the best bits, intercutting them to tell a story, choosing the right music and all the time working closely with the client to fine-tune the messaging and show SINE at their best in a brand film that captures the vibrant energy of the company.

When you’ve a room filled with enthusiastic employees who’re eager to share their love of the company they work for, it really shows when they shine on camera!