Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership

River blindness is a crippling disease that affects people who live at the margins of society, where they don’t have access to clean water, proper medical care or the preventative treatment Mectizan that is donated by Merck.

The work of non-governmental organisations like Sightsavers is key to helping strengthen national health systems in their response to neglected tropical diseases.

This film looks at the power of a truly symbiotic relationship between NGO and State as the strive to eliminate River Blindness from Nigeria.

Kate McCoy from Sightsavers said of this film: “It’s absolutely brilliant, the footage is stunning and the partnerships and different players in delivering oncho work come across so well – congrats!”

Celebrating the Billionth Treatment for NTDs Event

On the 13th December 2017 the billionth treatment for neglected tropical diseases was celebrated across the world.

Sightsavers hosted events in Cambridge, UK and Abuja, Nigeria as well as distributing a powerful film we made on the backstory of river blindness in 7 other countries. We focussed on three characters in the film, a blind grandfather, his sighted daughter and a community drug distributor, the life-line of mass drug administrations that have been happening across the world for the past 7 years.

Cloud9Media provided not only the film but a live-stream between Cambridge and Abuja allowing the minister of health to talk to delegates in the UK and giving them a chance to meet the community drug distributor live on screen. We also covered the event itself to share with stakeholders, marking a truly global day in the fight against NTDs and in celebration of effective collaboration between parties across the world.

Celebrating The Billionth Treatment for River Blindness

Sightsavers delivers the one billionth treatment for River Blindness, a parasite-borne condition that leads to severe disability and the destruction of entire communities. Because of mass treatment programmes like those run by Sightsavers, young children like Dorcas can live a very different life to her grandfather, who was made blind by river blindness.

Cloud9Media was there to witness this incredible moment – reminding us how incredibly important this work is.

The Most Remote Corner of the Earth

This film gives an insight into the effort that goes into every Cloud9Media international trip.

Steve attached a chest-mount go-pro and shot a ten day trip across Africa. The film was looking into the leadership built around the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Remote African Eye Surgery

Charles and his remote eye surgery team (supported by Sightsavers and UTCNTDs) is on hand to find people with trachoma and transport them to the mobile eye surgery where they can be treated. A simple operation can be hugely effective, often restoring full sight. Equally importantly, health education work is being carried out in these regions to help prevention of trachoma, which is transmitted by flies, for future generations.

To film the story, we took a five-hour road trip from Nairobi to Kajioda County to work in dry and sometimes difficult shooting conditions. But it was truly inspiring to see the impact that this programme is having on individuals and families – people come in blind, and they leave with their vision restored. Thanks to the work of UTCNTDs, Sightsavers and The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, who support local healthcare teams, we think this is a truly awesome programme. The film was played at the UTCNTDs UN conference in 2015, and we were proud to help share this story with a wider audience.