Penguin Publishing Process Flagship

From seven interviews and seven sector videos, Penguin Random House asked us to compile a longer, all-encompassing film that could serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to know a little more about the publishing process. With minimal extra filming, we took our original content and created the perfect flagship for PRH. It gained more than 7,000 views within the first day of being posted on LinkedIn and aims to stand the test of time as guide to the inner workings at PRH.

Penguin Publishing Process: The Designer

It’s always great to get an opportunity to understand the inner workings of a mighty brand.

Our series for Penguin Random House afforded us a rare and exclusive look into the world of one of the greatest names in publishing. Having access to their key team members gave us the deeper understanding of the many moving parts, and it shows in a series that’s racked up some impressive views on their channels.

For this episode in the series, we got up close with the role of the Designer. To see the craft in action and understand how visual storytelling plays a central role in the creation of a book was  really impressive. Diving in, unearthing the story behind the story, and sharing it in a way that brings a brand to life is the kind of brief we love.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but Marianne, a Designer at Penguin Random House, talks us through why you should.

This film was part of our eight-part series with PRH, looking behind the curtain at what it takes to bring a book to life.

Penguin Publishing Process: The Publicist

As part of our Behind the Scenes series on the publishing process, we followed Tom to get an insight into the life of a publicist. It is, as you might expect, a very busy one!

The suite of films has a permanent home on the Penguin Random House website, and to date the series has over 52k views on LinkedIn.

Penguin Publishing Process: The Editor

As part of a whole suite of day-in-the-life films we have made for Penguin Random House this year, this first film looks at the crucial role the editor plays in getting a book published.

This series of films are housed on the Penguin Random House Careers website.

When published on LinkedIn it received 3k views within the first day of publishing – and the YouTube version has gone on to generate over 74,000 views to date.

The Making of an Audiobook

What goes into the creation of an audiobook? Is it as simple as finding the right person to read a story, and recording them?

As our team discovered, there’s a lot more to it than meets the ear. Much of the success of an audiobook rests on the skills of the team that work behind the scenes to capture the spirit, tone and emotion of the book that gets transformed into an adventure in sound. To do justice to the medium, our approach was to employ the same magical treatment in order to adapt the form of our film to emulate the immersive sound style of audiobooks.

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, Penguin Random House wanted to showcase the quality of the craft and effort that goes into making an audiobook. The brief was to give the viewer an inside look ‘behind the curtain’ and showcase the production process.

Shown at Penguin’s annual conference that showcases the achievements of its various departments, this film was received so well it was marked as the highlight of the conference by the Penguin’s CEO.

The Making of a Unique Bookcase

Two days spent at the Isokon Plus workshop in Hackney Wick gave us amazing insight into the craftsmanship that goes into producing this exclusive line of unique bookcases for Penguin Shop.

When shooting this film carpenter-craftsman Mark Smith mentioned the physical movement required to make an integral piece of furniture. This prompted us to select a beatbox soundtrack married with the sounds of his workshop, to reflect the balletic movement of working in rhythm.

The gal-dem Pop-up Bookshop

To celebrate the launch of Michelle Obama’s new memoirPenguin Random House partnered with online magazine gal-dem to bring London a pop-up bookshop dedicated to championing women and gender non-binary people of colour.

With literature spanning countless genres of fiction and non-fiction, exclusively from women and gender non-binary people of colour, Cloud9Media were brought on board to document the shop’s creation with interviews with gal-dem’s founders and the bookstore staff bringing this project to life. The message of togetherness and shining a light on stories that are not often heard is core to Cloud9Media’s beliefs and made working on this project a truly rewarding experience.

Michelle Obama ‘Becoming’ launch

Michelle Obama’s new memoir ‘Becoming‘ was the best-selling book of 2018, and to celebrate its release Penguin Random House created a campaign that included retailers, murals, and newspaper front pages that culminated in a £5 staff sale of the book at all of their PRH sites across the country, with all of the money going towards the Advocacy Academy, a youth project based in Brixton.

We captured the festivities in a video to memorialise the event and celebrate Michelle’s story.