In The Field with Charlie Webster

To create video and photographic coverage for TV presenter Charlie Webster’s trip for the Malaria Must Die campaign, our Cloud9Media team spent a busy action-packed week in Western Uganda. In the process, Charlie saw with her own eyes how malaria impacts local communities, and came to terms with a fatal disease that she caught herself when cycling to the Rio Olympics in 2016 on a charity fundraising drive.

At the forefront of the fight against malaria, organisations like Malaria No More have always taken a bold controversial approach to their messaging to help it resonate with Western audiences. The aim of their campaigns is to bring home the reality that malaria is not something that happens elsewhere, but is affecting people everywhere. Increasingly, thanks to climate change, this includes areas of the world where malaria was once unheard of.

Using archival shots taken from Charlie’s broadcast career and stills of her hospitalisation, our team combined these with our own footage to show the background of Charlie’s journey. The result is a short film that captured the challenges she and other sufferers of malaria face, and how there is hope for the elimination of malaria.