British Airways Flying Start 10th Anniversary

Cloud9Media have a long-standing video partnership with British Airways and Comic Relief, so when BA approached us to make a video celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Flying Start campaign, they knew they were in good hands.

They needed something fun, lively, and engaging to encompass all of the incredible things that the partnership has achieved, as well as it being suited for broadcast internally and on their social channels. We dove into both the Cloud9 and BA archives and put together a short, punchy video that holds nothing back in delivering the message.

BA Flying Start – The Power of Sport

This is a longer film used by British Airways internally to raise awareness for their massive fundraising mechanism, off the back of the in-flight film that is currently running on all long-haul flights.

For this film we went for life through the eyes of three British Airways cabin crew, and the two projects they visited in Sheffield and Johannesburg.

Seeing the world of others through the eyes of passionate champions for the brand is a great formula to share experiences and get people thinking along the same lines.

Flying Start: The Ripple Effect

Working in partnership with Comic Relief and building on our understanding of British Airways’ brand requirements, we devised a concept for this inflight fundraising film, based on capturing real interviews with the real change-makers of the future from two sides of the world. The ripple effect of our actions can have a wide-reaching impact.

This film is currently played 40 minutes before landing on all mid- and long-haul flights.

We also made an accompanying Longer Version for internal colleague engagement that is a core part of British Airways’ Flying Start campaign.

Flying Start has raised over £25 million to date from inflight and colleague donations.

Flying Start: South Africa

In our latest of our ongoing relationship with British Airways and Comic Relief, this time we took our cameras to a baby club in the outskirts of Cape Town. All storyboards went out the window when faced with toddlers on the loose; that energy was manifest in the film!

Flying Start: a £20 million Celebration

The delivery of a project isn’t the end of the road for your footage. To celebrate hitting £20 million in donations with their Flying Start campaign, British Airways commissioned us to make a compilation film using footage from all of the projects we’ve done with them so far. Reusing footage reminds your audience of the incredible work you’ve done, while also maximising your return on investment for each project. We can also incorporate your own footage into reedits too!

Prince Harry Visits Rio

It’s not often we get a chance to go to Rio de Janeiro AND film a Royal.

As part of Sport Relief 2012 and our ongoing relationship with Comic Relief, we went on a whistle-stop tour with Prince Harry (a single man in those days) as he took part in a fun run along Copacabana beach, and visited some of the projects that have benefitted from Sport Relief donations. With the international press eagerly awaiting footage of the day, there was no time to waste pulling together a press kit that appeared on news outlets across the UK that evening.

Walliams Vs The Thames

David Walliams set himself the ambitious challenge of swimming the full length of the River Thames – all 127 miles of it – for Sport Relief in 2012.

The challenge for us was to film him in action (following in boat, on foot and by scooter). Over seven days, editing on the road, we produced daily video packages that were published on social and made available to news outlets to feature on the evening news.