IF We Did Weddings…

…this is what it would look like.

Not that we do – this was a one-off for an old colleague at Comic Relief – but we’re always driven by the human drama in life, whatever shape that takes.

From gorgeous drone shots of the venue, to the table settings, the primping and the preening – and on to keeping mascara dry whilst emotions run high – this was a wedding that offered a tableau of beautiful moments.

Putting People In The Spotlight

For stories to feel authentic, compelling and relatable, our approach is always to let people speak their truth. In the process, we unearth the human interest.

This is why, for the last 15 years, we’ve honed our interviewing and storytelling expertise to put people in the picture.

Whether it’s the inspiring leaders at the top, passionate pioneers, or unsung heroes, we strive to create a space where people feel comfortable enough to speak straight from the heart. To show the human side of an organisation, we put its people in the spotlight, because employees, customers and beneficiaries make for the most convincing brand ambassadors.

To find out more about how we translate our love of people into films with impact, visit our People page.

Cloud9Media: The Journey

In this fast-evolving world of digital, geo-political and environmental change, there’s never been a greater need to align ourselves, make better use our resources, and make changes in our lives for the most positive outcome for people, purpose and planet.

Our belief is that through the power of film and the creative experience, we can bring people together, find meaning, and shine a light forward so that we can be better at what we do, as individuals, and as a society.

By sharing common experiences, shared feelings and best practices through authentic storytelling, we can help each other toward a brighter future.

We’re here for the journey – and we invite you to join us.


Digital Indigestion: We Have The Cure

As experts in digital transformation, we wanted to highlight the feeling we all get when stuff doesn’t work the way we expect it to. Face it – haven’t you made those noises at times? That’s why we firmly believe connecting with the human behind the technology can help everything coalesce and provide a remedy to digital indigestion, like an alka-seltzer.

Setting up in our studio in Shepherd’s Bush, we asked our team to make the many frustrated noises we all make when digital tech just doesn’t work.

We drew on our own creative skills to create a chord of perfect harmony, much as we do with our productions.

What does Love mean to you?

What does love really mean?

We wanted to hear from our neighbours and colleagues what they had to say about love, so we asked them to answer a simple question: “What does love mean to you?”.

Makes us tear up every time!

Neglected Tropical Diseases Showcase

Cloud9Media have been working within global health for more than a decade. This showcase brings together dozens of films that raise awareness for NTDs from projects spanning the globe.

Look Great on Camera Filming At Home

Let’s face it, a lot of us are still working from home, and may be for a long time. This doesn’t mean we can’t be outputting engaging and interesting video content. However, filming in a home set up can be daunting, especially when you have little experience. This is where the Cloud9 Filming From Home guide is here to help.

Covering everything from how to light yourself, sound, and tips and tricks to look professional in front of the camera, this comprehensive guide should be all you need to start producing video content, and look great while you do it.

What Did You Have For Breakfast?

Don’t be fooled – being interviewed is never easy.

So the key to getting someone comfortable in an interview is to not dive in with the hard-hitting questions. If your interviewee is nervous or not used to being in front of a camera, asking them basic questions and getting them chatting is the perfect way to warm them up. Our go-to?: what did you have for breakfast.

As it turns out, we’ve asked this a lot so we thought it would be a fitting tribute to a well-trod question to make a compilation of some of our favourite answers (with a few familiar Cloud9 faces!).

Ikhaya Labantwana: The Story of a Rural Montessori Pre-School

In the UK a Montessori education is usually only accessible to those that can afford it. Thanks to Sustainable Coffee Bay, Ikhaya Labantwana offer free Montessori pre-school education to a remote community in Coffee Bay, South Africa.

This Cloud9Media passion project was a chance see life through the eyes of the local children, witnessing the amazing impact this very alternative education method can have, giving them confidence, independence and hope for the future.

Portugal By Drone

Portugal by drone is a stunning visual insight into one of Europe’s most picturesque countries as you’ve never seen it before. From this aerial perspective, it captures the elegance and sophistication of cities such as Lisbon and Porto, through the majestic contours of the Douro Valley to the agricultural symmetry of the winemaking region Quinta das Termas and beyond.

As well as providing a treat for the eyes, Portugal by drone is an incredible example of the power of drone-filming to shoot content from never-before- seen perspectives on a budget that is accessible to all. With its bird’s eye views and sweeping panoramic shots, it’s an arresting and evocative journey to capture the imagination.