Hammersmith & Fulham: Green Investment Social Edit

Aiming to raise £5million over the next few years is the most ambitious target ever set by a local authority – but that’s what Hammersmith & Fulham Council in London has embarked on, to create a carbon net zero borough by 2030.

To help the council reach as many people as possible, we were brought on board to create a short film that unpacks their climate bond initiative – and to provide additional visibility, we offered three impactful social media edits for their various channels.

Keeping it short, sweet and punchy, this is one of the three social clips being rolled out to the council’s audience of local residents and interested parties. By distilling the key messaging down to its salient points and using some eye-catching techniques – and a selection of pacy music that communicates energy and tone – our 30-second edits grab attention whilst delivering a clear call to action.

About the Hammersmith & Fulham Green Investment initiative

This new investment opportunity will allow the local community to fund climate and ecological projects in Hammersmith & Fulham. The green scheme aims to raise up to £5 million over the next few years, and will allow local groups, residents and businesses – as well as external investors – an opportunity to make a direct impact in the community. The funding will enable the borough council to reduce carbon emissions and, and investors to earn a fixed return on their low-risk investment. It’s a win-win-win, and one we’re proud to be involved with.


Digital Indigestion: We Have The Cure

As experts in digital transformation, we wanted to highlight the feeling we all get when stuff doesn’t work the way we expect it to. Face it – haven’t you made those noises at times? That’s why we firmly believe connecting with the human behind the technology can help everything coalesce and provide a remedy to digital indigestion, like an alka-seltzer.

Setting up in our studio in Shepherd’s Bush, we asked our team to make the many frustrated noises we all make when digital tech just doesn’t work.

We drew on our own creative skills to create a chord of perfect harmony, much as we do with our productions.

Deluxe Coffeeworks London

Capturing the unique spirit of a vibrant local independent business in a short film of 1 minute is no mean feat – but with this film for Deluxe Coffeeworks London, we think we nailed it.

Providing Londoners with a warm welcome and superb daily-roasted coffee, Deluxe Coffeeworks are a South African coffee shop group who opened up a London shop and roastery in 2022.

Being newcomers to the London coffee scene, the business was looking to communicate the uncompromising quality of the coffee and the chilled open vibe, so iconic of Cape Town. The film is the result of our team’s tour of the roastery, and in depth interviews with the founders, and some of their customers.

Created for social media, this is an example of how our approach to film production combines truth and magic to create an impactful profile piece that captures the spirit and ethos of a brand.


Biodiversity: Levelling The Playing Field

Biodiversity and access & benefit sharing expert Bupe Mwambingu from Basecamp Research reached out just a few days before flying to the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15).

As a purpose-driven organisation in service of a thriving future, we jumped on the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity and better understand one of COP’s hottest issues.

With no brief but a fascinating interview, we decided to apply our formula of truth & magic to building a short story from Bupe’s best soundbites and relevant b-roll footage, plus some well-chosen music, to make it relatable and increase its emotional power.

These are the stories the world needs to hear now – and we’re here to tell them.

Digital Jane: Mortgage Originations

The next step in the journey for Digital Jane. She and her boyfriend take the plunge to buy a condo while behind the scenes, FICO’s Platform analyses her data to evaluate and approve their mortgage.

The original series created for FICO was so successful, we were commissioned to make a second series, helping script storylines that reflect the opportunities that FICO’s technology provide to customers and their consumers.

Using stock shots, we created a fictitious character, telling her story in a series of 6 chapters that explain how banks, insurance companies and 3rd party retailers can best interact with customers when and where it matters.

This film is featured on the FICO website, and this series was the ‘talk of the town’ at FICO World 2023, has become a great sales tool for FICO and has helped their software engineers appreciate the impact their work is having on the business.

Join the Intelligence Revolution

Our event opening film for FICO World 2023 in Florida which put the focus on the visionary changemakers that have driven intelligence revolutions in history.

Created using stock shots, stills, animations and a voice over, the film debuted to a fantastic response from over 1500 delegates gathered at one of the world’s largest gatherings of data science and business innovation experts.

In the words of FICO CMO, Nikhil Behl: “I get chills every time I watch this video!”

A Romp Through Decades of The Office

In 2018, Marriott International went into a huge renovation of their Fetter Lane office. To engage associates around this hugely exciting development in the company’s story, Marriott’s communication team tasked us with creating a light-hearted teaser.

We wrote a poem, worked with a celebrity Voice Over artist and plundered the archives to create this punchy piece that’s a romp through the decades of office life.

Build the World We Want: A Healthy Future for All

Today, only half the world has access to the diagnostics that are essential to receiving adequate universal health coverage.

To highlight the issue of barriers to access on Universal Health Coverage Day and reinforce the point that access to healthcare should be free to all, FIND required a short film that could get its message across.

With that brief in hand, we created a short animated film that made use of easy-to-understand graphics and text to clearly communicate the need for access for all.

The Anatomy of Implementation

Software implementation might not sound exciting, but the people who make it happen certainly are!

We spent a couple of days bedding down with some of the world’s brightest programmers to see what it takes to get complex software that can decide people’s financial outcomes to run flawlessly on multi-million pound financial platforms. The result is this candid look into the world of C&R Software, which reveals how their team’s dedication and use of innovation have enabled an impeccable track record of delivery of software implementation.

As a showcase of company culture, this was a great opportunity to capture the passion of their team when describing this important part of what defines them as a business.

Fighting the Good Fight

Credit Bureau APC Intelidat helps the Panamanian banking industry fight the good fight when it comes to financial crime. With more than half a billion transactions checked for unusual behaviour every day, the success of APC’s contribution is based on its strong partnership with FICO.

In this short film we got to the heart of that relationship to put the spotlight on a partnership that serves as a powerful testimonial.

This film was created as part of a series of testimonials shot over two days in a bespoke studio set up at FICO World. Setting up a studio in one place and capturing a variety of content is a great way to maximise ROI at an event, while experts gathered in one place – and means less disruption when compared to trying to achieve the same in a workplace. An additional benefit of a temporary studio set up at an event is that the same film team would be on hand for all recordings, making for a more consistent look and feel for the full suite of assets generated.

To see how we help FICO achieve excellent ROI on their annual event through the various assets we provide, take a look at our ‘How We Did It’ summary.