Global Health

We tell the stories behind the statistics.

As the pandemic is teaching us, no big problem has a quick solution.

In this new era of COVID-19, BLM and scrutiny of our colonial bias, it’s more important than ever to give equal weighting to all key players, from decision makers to the beneficiaries and everyone in between. With so many players involved in the complex tapestry that is global health today, we take pride in showing the people behind the statistics.

As winners of three awards (including for ethics and respect for local cultures) our experience in global health is founded on years of international travel, getting to grips with multiple diseases and finding the right people to tell those stories thanks to an ever-growing network of trusted inc-country crews.

In an ironic twist of fate, the pandemic has only grown our reliance on building solid local ties, and we’re richer for it.


Insulin 100 Years On: Leaving No One Behind

A short film about the global diabetes crisis and how NGOs are tackling endemic insulin shortages.

Client: HAI


Diagnosis At Your Fingertips.

Transforming schistosomiasis detection with a rapid test that will transform diagnosis in low-income countries.

Client: FIND


Nasarawa State: Elimination and Beyond

The successful elimination of river blindness is in the hands of people like Jacob, State Coordinator for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nasawara, Nigeria

Client: Mectizan Donation Programme


Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership

This film looks the power of a truly symbiotic relationship between NGO and State as the strive to eliminate River Blindness from Nigeria.

Client: Mectizan Donation Programme



Annie Lennox & Mary’s Meals

Annie Lennox visits Mary's Meals at a school in Malawi.

Client: Annie Lennox



Riding for the Disabled COVID Appeal

Charlotte's life was transformed by horse-riding, but RDA have now had to close all of their riding centres.

Client: Riding for the Disabled