Global Health

We tell the stories behind the statistics.

We get to the truth about real people’s lives, told from their own perspective, leaving our preconceptions at the door. Stories about people coming up with their own solutions, not being told how to live their lives by outsiders.

Projects in Global Health can contain sensitive subject matter and complicated issues that can be difficult to explain; effecting the farthest reaches of the globe they can be logistically challenging too.

With over 12 years of experience creating films to support programs in this vital field, we know how to fight through the bureaucracy to reach the human stories we can all understand. At Cloud9Media, we are proud of our transparency, our determination to celebrate the positive and our part in bursting the bubble that divides us.


British Airways Flying Start 10th Anniversary

A short film celebrating the 10th anniversary of British Airway's Flying Start Partnership.

Client: British Airways


Annie Lennox & Mary’s Meals

Annie Lennox visits Mary's Meals at a school in Malawi.

Client: Annie Lennox


Riding for the Disabled COVID Appeal

Charlotte's life was transformed by horse-riding, but RDA have now had to close all their riding centres.

Client: Riding for the Disabled



Neglected Tropical Diseases Showcase

A showcase that brings together dozens of films to raise awareness for NTDs.

Client: Cloud9Media


Saving water in Kenya

8 staff members go on the trip of a lifetime to see how water is transforming lives in Kenya.

Client: The One Brand



Stamp Out Onchocerciasis!

Riverblindess still affects many across Africa - but there is hope.

Client: Mectizan Donation Programme