Published on 18 May 2019

The InstaBooth: A Penny for your thoughts…

The InstaBooth: A Penny for your thoughts…

We recently got back from the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach where FICO were hosting FCO World, their annual conference on big data, AI and business responses to this new changing landscape. This gave us the perfect opportunity to road-test the InstaBooth, our latest innovation in how to engage through video and just one part of a whole package of video content we offered.

The InstaBooth carries the ethos of capturing thoughts on film, asking delegates passing by to take a moment to sit in a comfortable chair and relax, away from the busyness of this buzzing conference.

It’s a simple pop-up tent setup equipped with a camera, ring-light and microphone.

Here passers-by can sit and give their five cents. Using a teleprompt, clever questions can elicit surprising answers. Makes for interesting people-watching. If you ask each person the same 5-7 key questions you get 5-7 films out of the end of it – worth bearing in mind for a raft of social media content, with your branding / colouring etc. The more unexpected and personal the questions the more interesting.

As you can see in this film we made for FICO at the world’s leading data analytics and business decisioning conference:


Published on FICO’s social channels soon after the conference, it has now become part of their brand ethos: the value of us all as individuals rather than the labels we represent.

That’s the real human capital that the world trades on.