Published on 14 May 2021

Our Year So Far in Business Comms – Spring 2021

Our Year So Far in Business Comms – Spring 2021

Duncan Walsh managing a shoot remotely

Like many agencies, we started the year thinking when will work return to normal? A year on into the pandemic and, as a company that prides itself on travelling far and wide to capture the human perspective, we have had to rethink how we work. But that hasn’t stopped us in continuing to make films for our valued clients. To give you an idea of what we’ve been up to, here’s a snapshot of our year so far in business comms. 

Lack of travel has forced us to develop new ways of doing things remotely and with great success – accessibility and speed have given rise to a whole new way of delivering content, redefining the way we communicate going forward.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Zoom-land!

When we spend most of our time locked on our screens in zoom-land, it’s important to make sure this is time not wasted. So we’ve been helping our clients use this opportunity to drive engagement even deeper.

Which brings us on to FICO. We’re currently working with them on a series of films that provide their audience with high value industry insights. We’re working on ‘Fireside chats’ between two individuals, recording the conversations through an online video conference interface, converting their iphones to HD cameras, and then turning around edits fast. The video quality is really impressive and given the turnaround needs to be rapid, this is a great way of adapting to the tools and global situation in hand.

Scott Zoldi, FICO Chief Analytics Officer

Another new project we have for FICO is around stories showing how their customers use their products to make their day to day lives better. Corporate stories are getting more personal. Filming people at their homes encourages us to delve deeper in to their personal connection with the story, capturing how their purpose in work chimes with what they do outside in the real world


If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in business communications since the beginning of the year, it’s the ‘p word.’ No, not passwords – purpose!  We’re currently working with logistics company World Courier, to create a film that highlights the ways in which they have facilitated their clients in doing life-saving work in the midst of a global pandemic.  What’s different for us is that we are empowering their staff to do the filming themselves, using their own home or office set-up.

Working with World Courier (in Singapore)

We’ve created office streaming rooms for pristine webinar presentations, ordered in, assembled and trained up by local camera experts. Consistency is key, ensuring that everyone follows the same format (that means no filming in portrait!).  We’ve shared with them a how-to guide so they capture themselves in the best way possible. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about self shooting, or watch our tips for filming from home guide here

Our filming from home guide

The upshot is that what seemed like constraints at the start of year are now opportunities to get closer to our clients’ needs, providing new ways of engaging customers and their thirst for content.