Published on 16 May 2021

Our Year So Far in Arts & Culture – Spring 2021

Our Year So Far in Arts & Culture – Spring 2021

The films we make in the Arts & Culture always capture our imaginations, and so far 2021 has been no different! We love working with creative, inspiring and innovative people, and the projects we’ve worked on so far this year have definitely ticked those boxes. From brand new approaches to workspace and childcare, to setting up arts projects on the International Space Station, we may have been in lockdown, but we haven’t been bored!

Here are the highlights of our year so far in arts & culture.

Walking Slowly to Space


This film tells the inspiring story of Dr. Niamh Shaw. Her mission is to go to space not as an astronaut, but as an artist and a science communicator.

Our goal for the film is to tell her journey in her words, following her early love of space and exploration all the way to where she is now, living at the Space University in Strasbourg. The project itself has been a really great learning experience for us. With the exception of the interview filmed back in October 2020, the vast majority of the edit has been using archival footage to illustrate Niamh’s journey. We’ve also dipped into remote audio recording to supplement the edit and really tie the whole story together.

Niamh’s story is a beautiful, inspiring one, and we are so excited to be along for the ride with her!

Grenfell Memorial Film 

The feelings about the Grenfell tragedy still remain strong – as evident in the graffiti under the Westway flyover near the site. This simple but effective drone piece shows the Grenfell Memorial which is located near the Cloud9 offices in West London. Born out of a collaboration with Hope Gardens and Portobello Radio, we wanted to show the positive community spirit that has been born out of such a tragic event.

International Women’s Day

One of our favourite events of the year is always International Women’s Day because it gives us the opportunity to dive into the archives and revisit some of our favourite stories told by the most inspiring of women.

This year’s theme was #ChoosetoChallenge, so we wanted to highlight women who were resilient and determined in the face of adversity. It gave us a chance to look back at some of our favourite projects with long-term clients, such as the Michelle Obama book launch with Penguin and last year’s International Women’s Day celebrations with Marriott.

We love the opportunity to reflect on how grateful we are to be able to meet incredible women such as these and be able to tell their stories, and how much we are looking forward to getting back out there!


Filmed in lockdown in two sittings (not too far apart before the kids grow) we made this film to capture a brilliant new concept in combining a top-class Montessori nursery with a professional workspace, which allows parents and children to be their whole selves. We all need a chance to develop as rounded people whether we’re kids or adults!

What’s next?
As a taste of what’s to come, soon we’ll be heading to West London to do our first live streamed concert with the Gustav Holst Ensemble. Stay tuned for a full breakdown of how that went, and why we’re so excited to work with artists and musicians on projects such as this!