Published on 18 Dec 2020

Our Year in Arts & Learning 2020

Our Year in Arts & Learning 2020

Arts & Learning is something that Cloud9Media has always been incredibly passionate about, and represents a mindset that we bring to all of our films. The pandemic has been a catalyst for reflection, and our desire to keep on creating whilst stuck at home has allowed us to really establish this passion as its own pillar of the business. To illustrate how we approach this, here’s our snapshot of our year of arts & learning films in 2020. 

People have always used video to tell their stories, and this year we’ve seen people turn to their webcams and phones like never before.  With little or no technical experience, this can be a difficult endeavour, and can leave us feeling distant and disconnected.  So we decided to share our expertise, and quickly created some resources to help people get the most out of whatever equipment they already had. From our first Phone shooting handbook, lighting tips  and our Social Media Smash Hit The C9M Guide to Looking Sexy!

Some of our ever talented team have used this year to explore personal projects, and we’ve loved seeing what they’ve come up with! From poetic shorts, to travel docs and of course lot’s of experimenting with drones!

In the last few months, we’ve begun working with some very inspirational new clients that have allowed us to bring out our humanitarian values, and celebrate communities. 

This began in July in our first shoot on location since lockdown, for the innovative Workspace and Childcare facility Playhood in Crouch End, who have brought Montessori education into a co-working space to give everyone the best outcome in life.

Another project that we are beyond excited about is working with the totally inspirational Dr Niamh Shaw, who is working towards her dream of being the first non-astronaut in space, representing the human race as an artist.  The final film is going to be truly out of this world and we can’t wait to share it!

Our colleagues in the event sector, have been hit harder than most by the pandemic. We reached out to them and went down the the #WeMakeEvents protest in parliament square to film and connect with demonstrators, exploring what has brought them out in their masses, and why the events industry is so important and needs saving. 

We are already plotting some extremely exciting new projects in both the arts and education sectors in 2021, including a new ambitious projects bringing performance to tell global stories – the Human Essence project. Watch this space for more details!