Published on 18 Mar 2024

How To Make The Most Of Your Video Marketing Budget

How To Make The Most Of Your Video Marketing Budget

As the seasons turn, spring brings a burst of activity for businesses as we look ahead at a new financial year. For those with an eye on video marketing, this means gleaning insights about using last year’s budget whilst planning for the year ahead. With video playing such a key role in helping brands and businesses achieve their marketing goals, it’s the time for planning, developing and strategising how and where video content would mark the beats of the marketing year.

A year is a good length of time to plan a video content strategy to get from A to B. In this day of voracious video consumption, we need to be thinking not of one-offs but conversations that can get deeper and more widespread through consistent messaging over the year.

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How do you work out how your video marketing budget?

You might be asking yourself things like: “What are the real needs of the organisation and what would I need a campaign to deliver to reassure investors, bosses and stakeholders that we’re on track? How much time have I got to deliver on all my various needs? Is it best to work with a freelancer who might be cheaper but need more management and run the risk of lack of consistency / reliability, or with an agency which will be more solid, but might cost more money? “

There’s a lot to think about – but with the right advice, you’ll be able to determine where you need to focus your resources and budget, to get the outcomes you’re looking for.

3 Areas for consideration

When working out a comms plan, there are three key areas for thought development that will help you work out what you need to do next:

  1. What help do I need to enable my organisation to grow? Funding, raising awareness, sales?
  2. Who am I trying to reach out to? Where do they spend their time online, what do they like to see and what do I want them to do?
  3. My voice: how can I get my audience to engage with my message, preferably in as short a space of time possible?
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But it’s not just about putting your message out there. Creating and disseminating video content can perform many different useful functions to understand and grow your audience. It can be used as a sounding-board to see how your message resonates with your audience.

By reviewing your audience response to get insights into how, why and where your video content is performing well, you’ll then able to make changes as you progress through the year.

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To build your audience, build trust

According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Consumer 2024 report, 68% of users have been inclined to unfollow or hide a brand in the last 12 months on the basis of inauthentic content. That shines a light on areas and content types to avoid – and also where the strengths of genuine advocacy provide an opportunity to shine.

Fundamentally video is there to help advance your existing audience along the journey, re-enforcing loyalty through testimonials, and making them become your ambassadors. But it’s got to come from the heart. Audiences know when they’re being sold to. But they trust other 3rd parties.

We would always suggest that you work with your strongest assets – your stakeholders – and let them tell your story. It brings authenticity and engagement because as human beings there’s nothing we love more than to hear other humans. By putting your people in the picture they can also be a valuable asset in extending the reach, and thus engagement, of your video marketing content. This way, they help you to get your videos seen by as wide an audience as possible.

Keep it simple, and keep it rolling

If you have a complicated message to get across, it can be helpful to simplify and articulate your message over time. A good example of this is how we approached a project for Mectizan Donation Program, which involved telling their story through a series of short-form documentaries which were rolled out over a period of months.

Maybe start by setting your proposition, and then get deeper into the articulation of what that vision is, as you slowly gather more high-quality followers. Film can even be used to project the image of the company you’d like to be, to align organisations around strong values. Nothing like dressing to impress.

How to make sure your video marketing hits the mark

The art of making video is one thing – and something we help our clients learn with kid gloves – but strategising to deliver organisational results is another. No-one likes to see their efforts go unnoticed, or for their video marketing budget to go to waste, which is why setting time aside to strategise and develop your messaging and plan at the start of your marketing year is the best way to ensure your video content gets seen and heard, and generates the results you’re after.

When strategy and content sing and dance together, whole new worlds of experiences can be opened up, allowing your business to thrive.

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Want expert insights into video marketing?

Since 2009 we’ve helped organisations shape their strategy and produce impactful films that deliver ROI. As storytellers, and brand-shapers, we help our clients find their voice and craft compelling stories that amplify their message to generate engagement and action.

If you’re looking to to kick your marketing year off with a bang, we’re ready to assist you with expert insights. Whether it’s just the seed of an idea or a tree that needs some pruning, we’re here to help you nurture your plans and use the creative process of film-making to show you at your best.


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