Published on 8 Aug 2023

How To Maximise Your Event ROI Through Film

How To Maximise Your Event ROI Through Film

Regardless of size, successful corporate events require a balance between being informative and interactive, productive and yet fun. And they needn’t be just a moment in time – effective video content can help grow your audience and maximise your event ROI in the lead-up to, during, and long after the event period.

Every year, US fintech company FICO engage a wide network of their customers in an action-packed 3 day event. 1500+ attendees come from all over the world to learn about the company’s latest developments. Their technology helps businesses from many different countries and industries optimise their processes and models using AI & machine learning. Cloud-based in nature, the FICO Platform allows businesses to create bespoke hyper-personalised experiences, give wider access to fair use of unbiased data, and create models that resonate with customer expectations.

As FICO’s media partner of choice for over 10 years, we’ve helped them evolve their brand messaging.

In the run up to and during this year’s FICO World 2023 event, we created a mixture of video assets, each with a unique purpose:

  • set the scene for the event
  • establish thought leadership
  • capture learnings and insights
  • explain use cases of the software
  • harness testimonials
  • celebrate the good times
  • secure bookings for the following year

A suite of assets of this nature is a great investment to make an event go off with a bang – and a combination of it, or even all of it, is precisely how to maximise your event ROI through the sue of film.

This is how we did it…


Launch your event with a bang!

Setting the right tone for an event is key to getting a good outcome through aligning the delegates’ thinking with the marketing message you want them to understand.

Working closely with their Chief Marketing Officer, we developed the concept and wrote the script in a style that perfectly complemented messaging displayed on large boards around the event.

We created a film of scale that filled the auditorium, tingling all the senses, resulting in rounds of whooping applause.

To create a film that focused on empowering the customer to use AI to perform heroic acts, we delved into the crates of stock libraries and worked on a driving soundtrack to excite viewers about the possibilities of the future.

This film now takes pride of place on their website:


LinkedIn Leverage

How to maximise event ROI through film

Daily outputs on social from the executive leadership running the event are a great way to cascade insights from the top down, whilst giving your LinkedIn feeds a boost.

But fitting filming in with busy executive schedules is always a challenge.

These 10 min chats are ‘drive through’ in design, with a crew set up and poised in an appropriate place to hit the record button as soon as the talent is ready to go.

The execs sit down after a dry-rehearsal and some hair adjustment, and the camera rolls. That’s it – real, conversational, unedited and shareable on social platforms within the hour.

Watch one of our daily chats from FICO World 2023, and see the kind of engagement it generated, here.

Breakout intel captured from multiple sessions

How to make the most of your event through film

When you’ve got so much expertise under one roof, it makes sense to grab the intel while you can.

We hired a local 8 person crew, brought them into the Cloud9Media fold, and filmed 26 presentations over 3 days, in 2 studios, with experienced producers at the helm.

Full lighting and monitors allowed presenters/delegates to give their rehearsals a dry run of presentations to be given later, providing great assets that will be used to extend content beyond the 4 walls of the venue.

Event coverage ROI film

After we introduced the idea of ‘being a hero’ in the opening marketing film, this was a chance to turn the cameras on the delegates themselves to see how they resonated with some of the more personal themes at the event.

The ‘Hero Booth’ is our own creation, developed over the years at events: delegates are invited into a soundproof booth, where we take them away from hustle and bustle, and ask unexpected questions that give them a chance to speak from the heart.

Shown at the closing ceremony of the event, this film is a great celebration of all the work attendees do and the power in their hands to change the lives of their customers.

These can be quite emotional films that have the potential to be shared online by the individuals themselves, growing your network. There’s no greater truth about an event than feedback from the people who attend it, allowing them to be ambassadors for your brand.

It’s what we’re about: truth & magic.

Watch our Intelligence Heroes film to get a sense of how FICO’s delegates speak on the theme of being a hero.


Bringing tech to life

Our ‘Digital Jane‘ film is a great example of how to bring complex ideas that involve a lot of machine learning wizardry to life…

In order to make use-cases of FICO’s software relatable, we decided to frame it within the everyday life an imaginary character, Digital Jane.

We gave her a character based loosely on ‘Emily in Paris’, writing a whimsical script that chimed tonally with viewing habits these days.

Drawing from our accredited voiceover agencies, we found the perfect artist with the right balance of authority yet playfulness in character. Working with carefully selected stock shots, we showed a range of scenarios based on a fictional story. Here’s the first in the series, which was designed to humanise the sometimes complex tech that runs in the background of all our lives, but which we often don’t understand.


Off the back of the success of last years’ Series 1, a further 6 films (Season 2) were commissioned to run at this year’s event as well as a complementary set of films that look at each storyline from FICO’s customers perspective. The original films were shared on social media, as well as internally with their software engineers, to show the impact of their efforts.

It’s the first time we’ve been able to show how our software works, not just say it.” — Darryl Knopp, Senior Director Portfolio Marketing, FICO

Start thinking ahead of time

On the last day and as an additional means of generating great event ROI, promote your next event, using content that you’ve already got in the can. Adding a discount code to the video content for those that register early adds value and helps to measure traction and engagement.

Event film partner helps maximise ROI

And for those that missed it…

Our Event Summary film enables the capture of the week’s spirit and highlights for sharing, entices new recruits to the next event, and can be integrated as part of any brand awareness campaign.

Filmed onsite and broadcast two weeks later as a reminder whilst the event is still fresh in people’s minds, event summaries encourage others to share.

Through content of this type, event coverage can be given longevity that extends well beyond the event experience.

To get a sense of the great engagement and positive sentiment generated, and to see our advice on event ROI in action, take a look at our Event Summary film.


As experts in crafting compelling film content that provides action and outcomes, we’re well-versed in the many ways that film can provide great value to our clients before, during and long after the event itself takes place.

To find out more about how we help leading brands in the tech space maximise their event ROI through film, take a look at our Digital Transformation page.

If you’re looking for compelling video content that helps your brand stand out from the crowd, get in touch. We’re always interested in assisting clients get seen and heard in all the right places.