Published on 2 Feb 2024

How CSR Films Bring Brand Values to Life

How CSR Films Bring Brand Values to Life

In a world where consumers increasingly consider whether the values of the brands they support are aligned with their own, showcasing the good work you do is key. And there’s no greater way to do it than through CSR films.

Earning the support of consumers is not only based on the quality of products and services a company produces, but also on their values and behaviour. This makes the role of CSR films that show how businesses do good more important than ever.

CSR partnerships not only show how a company bring its values to life, but also generate positive brand association, boost staff engagement and morale, and generate engagement. In many ways, this is the kind of advertising that money can’t buy, because authentic customer recommendations and advocacy can’t be bought; they’re earned.

If you’re doing well by doing good, it pays to shine a light on it in the best way possible. That’s where we come in, by creating films that put good work up front and centre.

Who we’ve helped through the CSR films we’ve created

As a company in service of a thriving future, our work helps brands and organisations of all kinds by creating films that help them to showcase how they bring their values to life. By drawing on our background in broadcast and documentary filmmaking, we create compelling content that drives the action and outcomes that assist our clients achieve their aims.

CSR Films: Case Studies

Costa Foundation

The Costa Foundation is the charitable branch of Costa Coffee, but raises all of its money from customer donations to carry out transformative work abroad.

Our film, which was a finalist in the Smiley Charity Awards 2023, looks at how this extraordinary work is helping some of the world’s most disadvantaged children to achieve a better foundation in life. Through initiatives like this, over 90 schools and 750 classrooms in 10 different countries across the world have been built.


One Water & World Duty Free

Charity partnerships like The One Foundation and World Duty Free are incredibly powerful, helping raise millions of pounds for longterm causes.

We followed a team of staff from various airports in the UK on their journey to Kenya, where they saw first-hand the difference that access to clean water was making in the lives of people living in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Through their efforts, lives are being changed for the better – and through our film, those efforts have encouraged travellers at airports in the UK to support their mission.


BBC Children In Need

As part of our longstanding relationship with the BBC, we were brought on board to cover the legendary Nine Lakes Challenge, held in the Lake District.

Taking place in one of the UK’s most beautiful regions, participants face a gruelling 38km bike ride, followed by a 12km hike, all in 9 hours. We filmed this single-day challenge as 60 Business Friends raised £50,000 for BBC Children in Need.


British Airways Flying Start 

Working in partnership with Comic Relief and building on our understanding of British Airways’ brand requirements, we devised a concept for this Flying Start inflight fundraising film, based on capturing real interviews with the real change-makers of the future from two sides of the world.

The premise of the film is to show how the ripple effect of our actions can have a wide-reaching impact. This film was played 40 minutes before landing on all British Airways mid- and long-haul flights. We’re proud of the role our film played in helping this initiative raise over £25 million from inflight and colleague donations.


As a demonstration of the good that a brand or organisation is engaged in, CSR films are the ideal ‘show and tell’. Through a compelling and well-crafted narrative, the real-world impact can be communicated in a way which showcases how a brand’s ethos is brought to life.

If you’re doing good in the world, and your brand or organisation is looking for CSR films that shows how your values are made real, get in touch.

Authentic storytelling that has a real-world impact is what we’re good at – and it’s the kind of film we love making.