Published on 3 Mar 2023

We’re A Finalist In The Charity Film Awards!

We’re A Finalist In The Charity Film Awards!

We’re very proud to announce that a short film we created back in 2021 for the Costa Foundation has been nominated as a finalist in the Charity Film Awards*!

In 2021 our team was looking to identify a cause which struck a chord with them. The question our team asked at the time was “What’s going on under the radar, that’s changing lives, but isn’t getting the attention it deserves?”

With those questions in mind, we looked close to home and within our daily lives to try and identify good work being done by individuals who were living the values of the organisation they were part of. Work that was significant, and being achieved through personal endeavour. After a little while, a clear example came into focus: the Costa coffee shop had a Costa Foundation initiative going on. It was created by visionary Piers Blake and taken up the people who worked behind the counter; normal folks whose hearts had been touched by the plight of people they had never met, but whose lives they could help improve.

Our aim with this film was to put the focus on the people behind the story: the storefront workers whose fundraising was making a difference. Those people are the Store Champions that are found throughout Costa Coffee shops across the UK. Their role is that alongside their daily job, they help fundraise for the Costa Foundation. If you’ve visited a Costa you’d have seen some of the activities that they put on, on the last Friday of each month, which is known as Foundation Friday. Each Store Champion team plays a role in developing the in-store fundraising initiatives which encourage customers to get involved and make a donation. The ultimate aim of the Costa Foundation is to raise funds for the communities from which Costa sources its coffee beans – specifically for the children of those farming communities, as embodied by the Foundation’s motto ‘Change A Child’s Life Story’.

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Since inception, The Costa Foundation has worked with local architects, teachers, healthcare workers to build more than 100 new schools consisting of over 800 classrooms in 10 countries. The result is that over 100,000 people now have access to education in coffee-growing communities across the world, in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru. With our film nominated as a finalist in the Charity Film Awards, we hope that the additional exposure will bring these important stories to an even wider audience. 

The remarkable success of Foundation Fridays is thanks to the spirit of Costa’s Store Champions. And it’s this that made our filming experiences across Colney Hatch, Brent Cross and Wembley Way easy, and which left us with a great impression of their generosity of spirit. That this comes through in the film we created is evident – and it’s reflected in these kind words shared by Costa: 

We’d like to congratulate Cloud9Media for bringing your storytelling magic and putting the spotlight on our Store Champions. This beautifully crafted film proudly captures their dedication in helping communities across the world to thrive!” 


That our short film has provided Costa Coffee’s Store Champions with some well-deserved recognition has made us proud. And that it has now gone on to gain recognition by being nominated as a Finalist in the Charity Film Awards makes us even prouder.

*With this nomination, we now count three awards and three nominations on our mantelpiece – and also a mention in Design Style‘s ‘7 Best Women’s Day Marketing Campaigns’ feature. All of this makes us even more motivated to capture stories that go on to inspire others.


Update: as of early 2024, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re once again a finalist in the Charity Film Awards – this time, for our film ‘Louise’s Story’, one of six films created for Blood Cancer UK and designed to raise awareness around blood cancer. You can watch that film here.