Film Types

Our films come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Brand videos
  • Testimonials & Explainers
  • Webinars & live streams
  • Search & social media ads
  • Recruitment & employer films
  • Event coverage

We’re often asked how much a film costs. It all depends on what type of film is right for you. Do you want a testimonial or a brand film? A social series of webinar chats, or a contextualiser that takes viewers to the heart of the matter?

For each type of film there’s a different approach – and that approach is based on the science of emotion.

By understanding your audience and the response you want to generate, we can advise you on the type of film that speaks to their interest at that moment, whether as a one-off or as part of a year-long marketing plan.

What film type is right for you?

Whatever stage of the marketing journey your customers are at, there’s a type of film to match their interest. To view examples of films that correspond to each stage of the journey that your audience is on, click through the stages below.

These are promotional videos designed to generate brand awareness by sharing who you are, what you stand for, and why it matters.

Used for audience acquisition, these films reach new customers and promote campaigns that get you attention you want, by helping you stand out from the crowd. Through creative interviews and dramatic-looking shot types, they showcase your brand at its best.

Deluxe Coffeeworks London

A Cape Town coffee roastery brand comes to London, creating a vibrant local business with authentic character.

FIND At A Glance

A showcase of the innovations and partnerships that make FIND a global leader in diagnostics.

Raising Awareness: 6 Reasons Why

It's crucial to raise blood cancer awareness - and these are the reasons why.

Love & Loyalty with Rankin

Rankin photographs influencer Quentin George for Marriott's loyalty programme Bonvoy.

BA Flying Start: The Ripple Effect

Two stories of two lives impacted by the ripple effect of Flying Start.

At this stage of the journey, these films speak to an audience that has already shown interest.

With the audience primed, now's the time to give them a bit more, by going deeper into the narrative. Depending on where your film content will be seen, you'll want to consider its duration: will it be seen at a conference, on a website, or social media? Wherever your audience is found, the job of this film type is to create a space where you can dive deeper into a chosen subject.

Penguin Publishing Process: The Editor

Part of a suite of films we made for Penguin Random House this year, this first film looks at the crucial role the editor plays in getting a book published.

Customer Development

The story of digital transformation and FICO's global bigger picture, told through the personal perspective of those who make it happen.

World Courier: A driver’s story

Delivering high value consignments that save lives takes no ordinary courier service.

BA Flying Start – The Power of Sport

Life through the eyes of 3 British Airways cabin crew and the Flying Start projects they visit in Sheffield and Johannesburg.

Saving water in Kenya

8 staff members from World Duty Free go on the trip of a lifetime to see how access to clean water is transforming lives in Kenya.

These films educate your audience, helping them make a decision via explainer content and how-to videos that unpack the solution you provide.

This is where you get an opportunity to describe what you do, and how. Take your viewers on a journey into your world, and provide them with insights by answering questions like 'How does your proposition answer their need?' and 'What evidence are you using to show your product or service is the solution they're looking for?'.

Digital Jane: Consumer Perspective

A day in the life of Digital Jane, explaining the capabilities of FICO's technology from the consumer perspective.

Stamp Out Oncho: One Persistent Woman

Mme Chebin lets nothing get in the way of her making sure each and every person takes their Mectizan treatment in her community in Cameroon.

Driven by Purpose

A sense of purpose is fundamental to the staff of this unique logistics company.

Two Children, One Disease

At different ends of the Earth, GSK's donations of albendazole are making a difference to young kids and their families.

Remote African Eye Surgery

Charles and his remote eye surgery team (supported by Sightsavers and UTCNTD) find people with trachoma and transport them to the mobile eye surgery for treatment.

This is where the action happens, by encouraging your audience to choose you above your competitors through buy-in.

The film types used in this stage utilise user education, feature launches and company culture videos to win the audience over and develop the growing relationship further. This can be the longest part of the journey, because adoption isn't a one-time event. Rather, it's a process that involves a period of evaluation and trial, during which your film content helps your audience decide that you're the right fit for them.

One Team, One Dream in Lithuania

Who wouldn't want to join this unique team in Lithuania?

In The Field with Charlie Webster

In 2016, Charlie Webster contracted malaria. Two years later she travelled to Uganda in support of the Malaria Must Die campaign.

Together We Can: Marriott Serve 360

Marriott International recognise the importance of sustainable business, for driving change and for having a positive lasting impact.

Associate Appreciation Week

Every year Associate Appreciation Week is a red-letter event for every member of Marriott's 200,000 + staff.

The Power of Partnership

Putting the spotlight on how FICO's Partner Program has developed a global ecosystem of expertise in fintech.

This type of film shares endorsement of your brand through testimonials.

As the saying goes, "Happy customers are the best advertising." By sharing the experience of your customers through brand recommendations, you're able to authentically and meaningfully turn customers into brand ambassadors who advocate on your behalf.

Be An Intelligence Hero

FICO World delegates express how themes at the conference resonated with them.

The Nine Lakes Challenge

Participants face a 38km bike ride and a 12km hike around the nine lakes, all in 9 hours.

Playhood: A Montessori Nursery School

A brilliant new concept combining a top-class Montessori nursery with a professional workspace in the same space.

The Anatomy of Implementation

A look into how C&R Software approach software implementation for their customers.

Off The Grid Financing Solutions

How Círculo de Crédito uses FICO's unique credit risk scores to boost financial inclusion.

To discuss the type of film that's right for you, get in touch.