Films made with truth & magic.

We work to a formula of truth and magic.

By digging deep into your story, we craft impactful video content, no matter where.

Be it a day-in-the-life documentary, a punchy social series or an attention-grabbing conference opener, we’ve honed our expertise over 20 years to make sure your message shines and inspires, every time.

This is how it goes…


You’ve got something to say!

Whether you’re inspired by an idea or have a marketing target to hit, you’ve got a message you want to capture and get out there. Our film production process is designed to capture your message and generate action and engagement.

It could be a story to promote awareness and support, the launch of a new product, or an event that you want to get the most out of.

Regardless, our process all starts with a brief that outlines the main ambition and vision for your film production, which we can help you put together if you haven’t already.

In order to understand your needs and aims, we’ll ask you questions like:

  • WHAT do you want to achieve?
  • WHO is the audience?
  • WHERE and WHEN is it going to be seen?
  • HOW much do you want to invest?

This will allow us to put together a cost estimate according to your desired parameters.



With a clear idea of what you’re after, along with your financial and time constraints, we’ll provide you with a creative treatment that outlines the narrative flow and visual style for your approval.

As part of our process we’ll also put together a project schedule, working around your timelines and to allow your wider stakeholders to sign-off on development.

We engage with you in lots of pre-planning before we get the cameras out, to help make sure your end product is aligned to the original vision. This can be online, but preferably in person.


Production & Logistics

We offer a full suite of filming options, using our in-house kit and crew of experts, or working with international local crews – all working together according to our tried and trusted process to guarantee a consistently high quality of output.

Elements we’ll co-ordinate and provide:

  • Comprehensive film and photography services
  • Location / studio recce and setup
  • International crew and shoot logistics
  • Lighting, camera & sound documentary setups
  • Interviews & soundbite Q&A
  • Dramatic narrative sequence footage
  • Creative shots: licensed-operator drone shots, sliders and motion stabilised sequences

Aside from technical skills, we also pride ourselves in bringing out the best in our contributors, drawing on years of interviewing and broadcast production experience to deliver a professional output that always goes beyond expectation.


Post Production

After filming, we transcribe all interviews (which we can share with you), and put together an edit script according to the material available and the messaging needs for any particular story.

Edits are broken down into 3 main stages:

Sync cut:
This is where we work out the basic narrative flow of the piece and can refine filmed interviews in to create the story you want to tell.

Rough cut:
With a layered visual sequence and music blended over the interview/s, this gives a fuller sense of how the film will finally look.

Final cut:
Includes a final colour grade and audio mix, along with any last amends and feedback, delivered in the right format for your marketing needs. With each stage and cut, you’ll have the option for approval and finally, sign-off which is done via Vimeo Review so all stakeholders can feed back at once. This will help avoid incurring extra edit-time costs.

We offer full cloud-based footage backup, meaning your shots are in safe hands. This provides you and your organisation with one-stop access to all your archived material in one space.


Post Delivery

When all is done and delivered, we’re still here for you.

We like to stay in touch and provide guidance on how you can best utilise the new film content you’ve acquired. For example, have you thought about repurposing old footage, or archive material, for further use on your channels and social media? This will enable you to get the best value out of your investment, and we can advise you on ways to make the most of the film you’ve commissioned.

We’re with you for every step of the journey, and we’re always interested in understanding how we can help you make the most of your story, so that you’re able to achieve action and engagement that generates value and amplifies your message.

Of all the documentary film production companies in London, we’re the only one working to a formula of truth & magic – or offering the personalised consultative service that we’re known for.

If you need expert guidance on your film journey, it all starts with a conversation, so why not get in touch for a free consultation?

We’d ready to help you amplify your message.