Raising Awareness

In a time of compassion fatigue and charity-scepticism, honesty is key. People want stories told from the heart.

We tell stories about real people’s lives, told from their own perspective, leaving our preconceptions at the door. Stories about people coming up with their own solutions, not being told how to live their lives by outsiders. 

That’s why we go to the farthest reaches of the globe, either travelling ourselves or working with trusted local partners, to find the right stories to tell on behalf of our clients and our beliefs.

At Cloud9Media, we are proud of our transparency, our determination to celebrate the positive and our part in bursting the bubble that divides us.


Example Videos

Leadership Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Stamp Out Onchocerciasis!

Celebrating The Billionth Treatment for River Blindness

In The Field with Charlie Webster

Two Children, One Disease

Remote African Eye Surgery

London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases: 5th Anniversary

Example Clients

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