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In a world where consumers are loyal to brands that have purpose, showcasing your ESG credentials builds confidence and trust.

Our films help leading global companies celebrate the good they do in the world and create a ripple of positive change.

By engaging with the right audiences in the right way, we can help you deliver on your purpose.

Purpose Videos

Justice4Windrush Film: ‘Why’

By bringing people together and raising awareness, our Justice4Windrush film has helped give an important story the platform it deserves.

Driven by Purpose

A sense of purpose is fundamental to the staff of this unique logistics company.

BA Flying Start: The Ripple Effect

Two stories of two lives impacted by the ripple effect of Flying Start.

As much as needed, as long as needed

A look at 35 years' work by the Mectizan Donation Program to eliminate one of the most robust diseases known to mankind.

BA Flying Start Rio: Bruna’s Story

We follow young Bruna around the Rio favela where she lives, and thanks to Flying Start, is able to enjoy her ballet lessons.

Off The Grid Financing Solutions

How Círculo de Crédito uses FICO's unique credit risk scores to boost financial inclusion.

Insulin 100 Years On: Leave None Behind

With the help of NGOs, developing countries are improving diabetes education and improving access to insulin.

Raising Awareness: 6 Reasons Why

It's crucial to raise blood cancer awareness - and these are the reasons why.

Case study: Blood Cancer UK

The challenge

Blood Cancer UK were looking for an impactful campaign that would help raise awareness around the date of World Blood Cancer Day. With there being over 100 types of blood cancer, the campaign content would need to drive interest, engagement and support across the client's social channels and website as a means of raising the prominence and understanding of blood cancer.

Our solution

In order to capture the stories of those directly affected by blood cancer, our team travelled across the UK to interview 6 ambassadors. Each of their stories were then used to create 6 short case study films, as well as a main longer-format film which brought these stories together in an empathic manner which would drive the necessary campaign visibility.

The outcome

The campaign's film content played a key role in raising awareness around blood cancer, and helped those with blood cancer feel connected and heard. Additionally, our films served to alert and encourage policymakers to prioritise the disease. As a result, the profile of blood cancer was raised and sustained at the highest level, with MP’s taking up the cause and sharing information on social media.

 Blood Cancer UK

“Cloud9Media were such a pleasure to work with, they really brought our supporter stories to life, creating brilliantly emotive films that will help to raise the profile of Blood Cancer. We can’t wait to work with them again s oon.”

– Katie Michell, Multimedia Producer, Blood Cancer UK

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