To grow trust, start with your people.

The true DNA of any big-thinking entity is in its people and the culture they create. Their passion and personality should be the authentic voice of your message.

From the inspiring leaders at the top to the unsung heroes, everyone has something valuable to bring to the table when creating content that feels genuine and unique.

Our love and compassion for people is at the core of everything we do.

Case study: FICO - Hero Booth

The challenge

Often, the best testament to a brand's success is what others say about them behind closed doors. After we introduced the idea of 'being a hero' in the opening film at FICO's annual conference, we used the opportunity to turn the cameras on the delegates themselves to see how it resonated with them.

Our solution

The 'Hero Booth' is our own creation, developed over the years at events. Delegates are invited into a soundproof booth, where we take them away from hustle and bustle, and ask unexpected questions that give them a chance to speak from the heart. Unscripted, and unfiltered.

The outcome

Shown at the closing ceremony of the event, our film is a celebration of the work delegates do and the power they have to positively impact the lives of their customers. These are emotional films that hold great potential, as they're shared online by the individuals themselves. This in turn generates high-value organic and authentic growth of a company's reach and network.

FICO logo

“The Cloud9 team always pumps out top notch quality, and internalizes every project, often under many constraints. It’s not always an easy task, but they make it look easy while still going the extra mile.“

– Elliott Starno, Global Creative Director: Marketing, FICO

Watch the film

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