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Cloud9Media work with leading global organisations to help humanise the impact of their actions through film, to drive engagement through understanding.

If you’re looking to engage wider audiences, showcase innovation, attract interest from funders or share your track record of delivery, we’re here to help you get your story out.

Case study: Mectizan Donation Program

The challenge

Our client's request was for a series of films that articulated the separate elements of their story by breaking them into short films, each with their own focus and narrative. In addition, a longer version was required that pulled the 5 short films together to make a longer version that provided a complete overview of the organisation’s work.

Our solution

Using our experience in narrative storytelling, our solution was to pull together a comprehensive overview of MDP’s work, using the large body of archival material generated through working with them on projects around the world. By selecting interviews, examples and highlights, we were able to create five distinctive short films, each of which focused on a separate component of the MDP story.

The outcome

By investing in various shoots over the years we’ve worked with them, MDP now have access to a high-quality archival resource that represents the many aspects of their work. The films have resulted in greater stakeholder engagement, and the organisation has been able to stake its claim as a leader in its field by showcasing its legacy to an influential audience of global health policy- and decision-makers.

“We gave the film a screening at yesterday’s NTD meeting for Task Force groups. About 40-50 viewers altogether. It felt good to offer such a quality product!”

Virginia Murray, Communications Manager, Mectizan Donation Program

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